120,000 users without electricity: neighbors took to the streets to protest and relief from the rain is expected

Neighbors from different neighborhoods of the Buenos aires city They protested on the night of this Tuesday, March 14, due to the lack of electricity supply (there are more than 120,000 users without electricity), in another oppressive day and with a wind chill that exceeded 42 degrees.

One of the epicenters was at the intersection of Rivadavia and Acoyte avenues, in Caballito, where the residents of that area gathered to complain, once again, about the lack of electricity.

Power outage protests. PHOTO: Telam

Meanwhile, similar scenes were seen in Lugano and Mataderos, with street closures and neighbors expressing their disagreement with a situation that is repeated year after year during the summer season.

In fact, there were protests in Dellepiane and General Paz avenue, as well as in General Paz and Los Corrales avenue.

power cut cab g_20230315
Claims in Buenos Aires neighborhoods. PHOTO: Telam

Likewise, two schools in the area, the Nuestra Señora de la Paz school and the Don Orione school classes were suspended due to lack of lightbut they already anticipated that the absences of the students will not be computed.

On the other hand, and according to the report of the National Regulatory Entity for Electricity (ENRE) until 00:45 there were 121,058 users affected by the courtsincluding the City and the Conurbano.

Of that number, there are 114,810 homes without electricity in the Edesur area and 6,248 in the Edenor coverage area.

power cut cab g_20230315
Claims against Edesur. PHOTO: Telam

This Wednesday the rain arrives at the AMBA

for the next few hours some showers are expectedaccording to the forecast of National Meteorological Service (SMN)), with a minimum of 26 degrees and a maximum of 32 for this Wednesday.

power cut cab g_20230315
Power outage protests. PHOTO: Telam

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