2023 campaign: the main candidates appeal to “high impact” narratives

“Everyone sees what it seems, but few feel what you are.”


began the fight for bring the candidates closer to the peopleto the citizens, to the people and it seems that anything goes, from ridiculing oneself alone or in a group to…

This week we saw numerous performances on the Atlantic Coast, events and facts that did not go unnoticed, for example, a photo as the beatles in abbey road recreated in one of the streets of Mar del Plata by Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, Gerardo Morales, Martin Lousteau and Diego Santilli, or the same head of the Buenos Aires government surfing as an expert but with the help of a teacher in the depths of the water, who held the board for him. The photo communicates and, depending on how it is taken, indicates from what angle it is going to be looked at.

Today the world has changed and proposes paradigm changes, which are new paths within communication, to achieve individual or collective perceptions in people, or in other words new narratives that leave society thinking.

The photos, memes and graphics narrate, communicate and force to find a perception about some fact or some person, that if it is not shocking to the recipient it will be easily forgotten and lost Well, “the image that we must explain does not work”, it was not understood and as a consequence our brain will file it.

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Another case is the unrealistic footage and incredibly naive in which they act as supporting actors Fabiola Yañez, Francisquito Fernández accompanying the President with a new look: shirt without tie, makeup and excessively long post-production of 3 minutes for social networks.

Francisquito’s first steps coincide with the worst moment of his father’s image, reminding us of the failure of the society that did not know how to minimize his government, with 95% inflation, the dollar through the roof and a country stopped due to the lack of inputs.

For his part, Gerardo Morales takes photos and spreads “his summit” of the UCR, united by the same crack what the country has Morales, Martín Lousteau, Gustavo Posse, Emiliano Yacobitti, UBA Vice Chancellor, on the one hand, and on the other the notable absence of Facundo Manes, Alfredo Cornejo, Gustavo Valdez and Rodolfo Suárez There weren’t many happy comments. There were leaders angry at the appearance of the call and the photo of Beatlemania.

This is not all, to add to the general confusion in the PRO, Mauricio Macri presents his book what for in sea of ​​silverand in fact obliges all politicians in the PRO campaign to attend the event in Playa Grande.

It is undeniable that there is a great internal crisis in the PRO and Macri continues to add salt to the wound due to internal disputes throughout the country, especially in Cordoba, Mendoza and Tucuman.

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Let’s reflect a little: if Mauricio Macri had no political appetites, would he present a book in the tone of a campaign in Mar del Plata, in the middle of summer, cutting off his vacations? I think if the book didn’t have electoral intentionality I would have surely presented it with less heat in March.

Today we are at the beginning of the electoral campaign, as is traditionally done in summer resorts, and we see that what sometimes appears is not, and is not what it appears to be in an election year that will put us to the test.

welcome to another election year that puts us in the face of a marathon electoral organization chart with elections since the end of February. We will have to prepare for try to see fewer memes and focus more on the proposals which ultimately are the ones that should not be counting, instead of taking pictures or recording funny videos.

“Every man has three varieties of character, the one he really has, the one he appears to have, and the one he thinks he has” (Alphonse Karr).

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