23.7 million dollars: the cost of being in the First Division for Talleres, Belgrano and Instituto

An abyss. This is how Juan Manuel Cavagliatto, the president of the Institute, defines the distance that, in economic terms, exists between the First National and the Professional League. The jump to the highest division of Argentine soccer represents a challenge for ‘la Gloria’, whose leadership has demonstrated management capacity in the financial and sports areas, and also to establish good relations with the powers of the AFA.

If playing in the main promotion tournament you will need to have 10,000 members in your registers so that the numbers more or less close you, the ceiling of 35,000 cards last year appears as a minimum, vital and mobile to project 2023. With With the exception of basketball, which in the Alta Córdoba club is a world apart, the normal functioning of soccer and the rest of the things demanded in the previous season $60 million every 30 days, which represented an annual expense of $720 million.

After the return to the elite category of the country of the three-time world champions, the economic forecast should be adjusted in just two months to the requirements of the new reality. Being First Class represents a greater investment in “human resources”, logistics, infrastructure and the staging of a reserve team, although it also implies the possibility of promoting assets derived from business and passion.

The most tangible example is the income from television rights, which in the worst case -there were still no details in this regard from the AFA headquarters- will quadruple the $4 million per month in 2022.

CHALLENGE. Cavagliatto aims to consolidate the Professional League. /// PHOTO: CEDOC PROFILE

With the desire for the Institute to “arrive to stay” in the Professional League, Cavagliatto and his commission peers drew up an action plan that requires $160 million per month, which in the accumulated annual implies $1,920 million. Something like 5.1 million dollars, according to the last price of the ‘blue’. If he accepted Godoy Cruz de Mendoza’s offer for Franco Watson’s pass, 1 million dollars for 90% of the token, “la Gloria” would have guaranteed himself two and a half months of subsistence.


  • Coach: Lucas Bovaglio.
  • Heights: Manuel Roffo (Tigre), Leonel Mosevich (Argentinos Juniors), Juan José Franco Arrellaga (National of Paraguay), Jonathan Bay (Central Córdoba), Joaquín Varela (Deportivo Maldonado of Uruguay), Brahian Cuello (Defense and Justice), Nicolás Barrientos ( All Boys), Gastón Lodico (Lanús), Nicolás Linares (Central Córdoba), Adrián Martínez (Coritiba from Brazil), Axel Rodríguez (Board of Trustees), Damián Puebla (Boca Juniors) and Lucas Albertengo (Defense and Justice).
  • Low: Juan Rojas, Lautaro Petrucchi, Matías Ferreira, Agustín Gómez, Thomas Ortega, Joaquín Arzura, Claudio Pombo, Lucas Landa, Diego Becker, Nicolás Mazzola, Joaquín Molina, Patricio Cucchi, Catriel Sánchez and Joaquín Mateo.
  • 1st date: vs. Sarmiento (I), Sunday, January 29, 7:15 p.m.
  • 2nd date: vs. Union (V), Sunday, February 5, 9:30 p.m.
  • 3rd date: vs. Hurricane (I), Sunday, February 12, 9:30 p.m.

While looking for better proposals -in football in these times of crisis, transfers are key to balancing the trade balance-, the red-and-white entity is adjusting to the new reality with what is at hand. The conscription of partners, with an average fee of $1,900, can give you $66.5 million per month with the aforementioned floor of 35,000 followers.

Meanwhile, the sale of season tickets for the 14 home games that the team will play in the Professional League between January 27 and August 5, whose values ​​range between $9,000 and $60,000 and average $27,000, would make it bill almost $800 million, taking into account the 30,000 hours that his stadium has. At the Juan Domingo Perón, the cast of Lucas Bovaglio would appear before Sarmiento (1st date), Huracán (3rd), Atlético Tucumán (7th), Vélez (11th), Banfield (13th), Central Córdoba (14th °), Colón (16 °), Estudiantes (18 °), Racing (20 °), Tigre (24 °) and Lanús (26 °).

IACC of BovaglioREPLACEMENT. There were many ups and downs in Bovaglio’s team. /// PHOTO: INSTITUTE PRESS

For the classics against Talleres and Belgrano, against whom Albirrojo was lucky enough to host on days 7 and 22, there will probably be a move to the Kempes Stadium. There he already has scheduled the commitment of the 5th date against Newell’s Old Boys, because that weekend there will be a recital by Ricardo Arjona on the Alta Córdoba court. The change of scenery allows ‘la Gloria’ to have 27,500 extra hours per match and the possibility of invoicing a bonus for ticket sales.

Whoever wants Celeste…

“In Primera you have to multiply the budget almost by three.” With the championship and promotion in his pocket, Luis Fabián Artime was a little more precise when it came to quantifying the impact of the change in category. Belgrano, who spent $1.2 billion annually in the Primera Nacional and made good (although less clean) friends with the AFA, would also probably substantially change his spending plan for 2023.

The return to the divisional maximum, after three and a half years, will imply for the celestial treasury an outlay of $270 million every four weeks, which represents a global of $3,240 million for the 365 days. For City slates, the figure represents $8.6 million.

In the case of the Pirate, who had a deficit of 1 million pesos per day in the first exercise of the presidency of “Luifa”, the year is shaping up to be more relieved for the treasury, since they will soon begin to pour out the almost 4 million dollars pending for the passes of Cristian Romero and Lucas Zelarayan. Meanwhile, in the daily, “B” seeks to strengthen ties with sponsors and ‘strategic allies’, enhance the offer of clothing and commercialization in their stores and reaffirm the convening power of recent times.


  • Coach: William Farre.
  • Heights: Lucas Diarte (San Martín de Tucumán), Erik Godoy (Vancouver Whitecaps), Franco Jara (FC Dallas) and Matías García (Juárez of Mexico).
  • Low: Maximiliano Comba (Gymnastics and Fencing La Plata), Axel Ochoa and Diego “Gurí” García (Admiral Brown), Wilfredo Olivera (San Martín de Tucumán) and Hernán Bernardello. Leonardo Sequeira (Oviedo of Spain), Ezequiel González (San Martín de San Juan), Agustín Colazo (San Martín de Tucumán), Joaquín Novillo (Huracán), Martín Garnerone (Estudiantes de Caseros), Tobías Ostchega and Fabricio Brener (New Chicago), Nahuel Tecilla (Brown from Puerto Madryn), Ivo Constantino (Communications) and Gino Barbieri (Chaco For Ever).
  • 1st date: vs. Racing Club (V), Sunday, January 29, 7:15 p.m.
  • 2nd date: vs. River Plate (I), Saturday February 4, 7:15 p.m.
  • 3rd date: vs. Central Córdoba (V), Friday, February 10, 9:30 p.m.

If he manages to sustain the 65,000 members at the end of last year, with an average fee of $1,300, he would secure $84 million each month. In addition, the sale of the 29,000 season tickets available, at an average price of $15,000, can bring you an income of $435 million for the first half of the year.

pablo vegetatiCAPTAIN PAUL. Vegetti fixed his continuity in Belgrano. /// PHOTO. BELGRANO PRESS

In this case, the matches included are the first 10 that the Pirate will play at home in the contest that will begin next weekend: against River, (2nd date), Argentinos Juniors (4th), Tigre (5th) , Lanús (7th), Sarmiento (9th), Huracán (11th), Newell’s (13th), Atlético Tucumán (15th), Talleres (17th), Vélez (19th) and Banfield (21st ) ).

The debut in Córdoba against River on Saturday, February 4 and the Cordovan superclassic, initially scheduled for the third week of May, will allow him to obtain extra income by spending 28,500 tickets each time.

To increase capacity, general reconditioning works and the construction of 1,500 new plaques are being carried out at the Gigante de Alberdi. From the club it was reported that the venture, whose cost was estimated at $300 million, will be financed with the sale of those places for two seasons.

Fassi does not devalue

“In order to have a significant structure, we must speak of a figure that oscillates between 3,000 and 3,500 million pesos per year.” Andrés Fassi has it much clearer. Or he has the advantage of spending his sixth year and a half in Primera as the highest authority in Talleres.

The albiazul leader acknowledges that having been left out of the cup grids, after participating in the Sudamericana 2021 and the Libertadores 2022, represents “an inconvenience from the economic dimension.” “Surely new sponsors and allies will join, and we may also have to appeal to the sale of one of the important players that the professional squad has,” he told PROFILE CÓRDOBA at the end of last year.

Despite the fact that he received surveys and offers for several of his footballers, Talleres recently planned to make an “extraordinary income”, as his president likes to say, in the last hours. 1.6 million dollars entered the albiazules arcades for the pass of the winger Enzo Díaz to River Plate,

VALUESFOR NOW CONTINUE. Valoyes, the most sought-after player in Talleres. /// PHOTO: WORKSHOPS PRESS

This operation, together with the 700,000 dollars that San Lorenzo paid for Rafael Pérez, compensates the basic payment for a participation in the Conmebol tournaments and allows the “T” to start the year with more air. In the Jardín neighborhood, the budget will surely reach and possibly exceed Fassi’s forecast: the equivalent of 10 million dollars per season.


  • Coach: Javier Gandolfi.
  • Heights: Nahuel Bustos (Sao Paulo of Brazil), Juan Gabriel Rodríguez (Defense and Justice), Valentín Depietri (Fortaleza of Brazil) and Franco Saavedra (Tiger).
  • Low: Matías Esquivel (Lanús), Héctor Fértoli (Racing Club), Matías Godoy (Estudiantes de La Plata), Alejandro Maciel (Banfield), Rafael Pérez (San Lorenzo) and Enzo Díaz (River Plate). Cristian Ludueña (San Martín de San Juan), Franco Fragueda and Augusto Gallo (Racing de Nueva Italia), Santiago Toloza and Lautaro Guzmán (Arsenal), Julián Malatini (Defense and Justice), Matías Sosa (Güemes de Santiago del Estero), Junior Arias (The Strongest from Bolivia), Carlos Villalba and Samuel Sosa (Emelec from Ecuador) and Emerson Batalla (Independiente from Medellín).
  • 1st date: vs. Independent (I), Saturday, January 28, 7:15 p.m.
  • 2nd date: vs. Atlético Tucumán (V), Sunday, February 5, 9:30 p.m.
  • 3rd date: vs. Boca Juniors (I), Saturday February 11, 7:15 p.m.

Beyond the fixed idea of ​​reaching 70,000 active members, the albiazul leadership, which maintains a cordial but distant relationship with Claudio “Chiqui” Tapia, is optimistic in terms of being able to retain the 55,000 fans that appear in their registers. Last December. They estimate that the repatriation of striker Nahuel Bustos and the fact of sharing the stage with the other two Cordoba teams will activate the passion of the Albiazul fans.

Ranging between $2,720 and $26,780, and averaging $8,196, the fees paid by members could well sustain a large part of the spending scheme, if the call is maintained at current values. It should be noted that the subscription system is not in force at Talleres: people choose their location and pay the established rate every beginning of the month.

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