“3 million homeless”: the opposition reactions to Alberto’s phrase about the lines in restaurants

People’s complaints now are because you have to wait two hours to go eatsaid the president Alberto Fernandez in an attempt to highlight the growth of the economy. Consequently, the reactions of the opposition did not wait.

One of the first to come out at the crossroads was the president of the bloc of representatives of the UCR (Radical Civic Union), Mario Raúl Negriwho said: “According to INDEC, there are 3,700,000 homeless people, Argentines, who do not wait two hours, but rather do not eat”.

They laugh in people’s faces or have no idea what’s going on in the country”, Negri launched through his Twitter account.

The message of Mario Negri.

Along these lines, the national deputy of Together for Change martin tetaz strongly questioned the president’s comments. During an interview to miter radiusTetaz shot: “Do you know where you have to wait two hours? In community kitchens where people have to go to eat because they don’t have money to eat at home”.

“While the President says that, there is a record of people eating in soup kitchens in Argentina and the Government also has a record of money spent to give subsidies to those soup kitchens,” identified.

Graciela OcanaFor his part, he advised the president that “make an appointment for a medical check-up” or what “broaden your friendships”. “It seems that he is not listening or does not receive the claims of the people,” she said.

Opposition criticism 20230204
Graciela Ocaña’s message.

In this way, he began to mention the main demands of the people: “Due to inflation, money is not enough, insecurity, PAMI does not work, misery of retirements and pensions” and concluded: “don’t tease us”.

The statements of Alberto Fernández

The president participated in an act in Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Ríos, where he stressed that The hotel and gastronomy industry “is full” and attacked directly against the City of Buenos Aires by stating that he sees the district as “so opulent” compared to other parts of the country.

According to INDEC, poverty reached 36.5% and has 10.6 million victims

However, this did not sit well with the opposition either. “The data on restaurants and hotels, which are a minority of the population and are 20% below the level of consumption that existed in 2017, is also not true.Tetaz said.

Added to the criticism was Sabrina Ajmechet, a Buenos Aires legislator, who was even tougher. “There are 310 days left for us Argentines to stop having a president who disrespects us”, he assured.


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