7 bus lines stop in Moreno for assault on a driver

The workers of Transporte La Perlita decided in the early hours of this Wednesday, April 12 suspend services before a new attack on a driver. The bus was attacked after midnight by two people who got on the 23, which covers the route from Moreno to Cuartel V and vice versa.

The assailants got on Route 24, three blocks from the local police station and upon reaching the Derqui roundabout they assaulted him. They took off his shoes and before going down they hit him on the head with a revolver.

Given this circumstance, the delegates of the company’s employees will decide to keep all the units in the sheds and cut all the routes.

The lines affected by the force measurement are the following: 288, 311, 312, 329, 422, 500 and 501.

“The compañero is fine because they already gave him the first attention, but who takes away the scare?” lamented a worker delegate in dialogue with CO+. The delegate added that his colleague did not resist.

They paid for their trip to Turkey and Egypt but at the airport they realized they had been scammed: there are 200 victims

For its part, the company La Perlita issued a statement in which it had to “momentarily, services are reduced” due to the workers’ protest.

A group of Atlántida is stoned

Two nights ago a group of line 57 He was stoned with the intention of robbery when he was driving along Camino del Buen Ayre, at the height of José León Suárez and this morning, it happened again, but this time on Route 7 at General Rodríguez.

23 Metropol lines comply with strike

The Metropol bus company reported that, as of the first minute of this Wednesday, April 12, 23 of its bus lines will be totally unemployed, as a protest for the non-compliance with a judicial measure by the Ministry of Transportation of the Nation.

The measure arranged will be aggravated, since this Tuesday the strike covered only six of its lines and the progressive reduction of another nine. On this occasion, there will be 23 who will join an absolute strike, several of them traveling between La Plata and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

“We inform the total interruption of service in the lines 65, 90, 151, 176, 194, 195, 228, 237, 276, 310, 322, 326, 327, 336, 365, 386, 392, 448, 503, 504, 507, 510 and 670 as of 00:00 on Wednesday, April 12, due to lack of basic supplies to operate, due to the continuous non-compliance of the Ministry of Transportation of the Nation to a judicial measure favorable to Metropol”, due to the company on its Twitter account.


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