A businessman was arrested for the death of the woman who fell from a building in Recoleta

United Nations 52 year old businessman He was arrested for the case of the woman who died this Thursday after falling from a sixth floor in a lung of a building in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Recoleta. The man was left incommunicado and was charged with “homicide”while another woman who accompanied him was delayed.

Is about Francisco Saenz Valientethat according to preliminary reports he found two women -one of them the victim- drinking alcoholic beverages in the property located on the street Freedom at 1500on the sixth floor, between Posadas Street and Alvear Avenue.

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According to the sources of the investigation, a witness indicated that screams were heard and saw hands come out of the sale at the moment the young woman fell into the void. As stated by Alberto Crescenti, head of SAME, The deceased person was “approximately between 28 and 30 years old” and “had already died” when the ambulance took her to the Fernández Hospital.

Meanwhile, the second woman, a Brazilian national, is delayed and in the next few hours will be summoned to testify in quality of witness. It is also believed that there a third young woman in the departmentthat he would have withdrawn from the scene before the Buenos Aires City Police arrived.

Sáenz Valiente reported that the fatal victim would have had a nervous breakdown and tried to reach a window facing the street. Since she could not open it, she went to another part of the apartment and threw herself out of the window that overlooks the lung of the building. The suspect recounted that he tried to stop her and the sources indicated that presents “marks on the face”.

The facts are under investigation by the Criminalistics Division, and the case is being investigated as an alleged femicide. The investigation is in charge of the National Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor No. 2, in charge of Dr. Santiago Vismarawho is on duty with the judge Martin del Viso, of Court No. 28.

The event began this Thursday morning, when a neighbor called the 911 emergency number for “an upset person” who was found on the sixth floor and, shortly after, it was reported that he had thrown himself into the void. the woman was rescued alive by personnel from the City Fire Brigade, but had during the transfer to the care center.


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