A champion: Mbappé recorded Emiliano Sala four years after the death of the Argentine

The relationship between Kylian Mbappé and the fans of ArgentinaIt is not the best, but it cannot be said that it is a different sport and in various actions. The Frenchman recorded Emiliano Sala, four years after his death.

In the tragic plane crash suffered by the Argentine and when the news broke, Mbappé donated €30,000 to promote and help with the search for the plane that crashed in the English Channel and for the investigation to find the culprits.

“Four years…”, Kylian wrote about an image of Sala and chose two emojis, the one with a dove and the one with praying hands, to send a message to the memory of the former Argentine striker who shone at the france nantes.

Cardiff City attempted to take out insurance for Emiliano Sala the day after his death

The British team tried to take out insurance to the value of 20 million pounds (23 million euros) the day after the Argentine striker died in a plane crash, as revealed by the British media on Thursday.

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The Welsh club, owned by Malaysian businessman Vincent Tan, claims through the courts 10 million pounds (11.5 million euros) to the insurer Miller Insurance, which for its part argues that Cardiff was “fully aware” that the player was unsecuredreport to agency EFE.

Cardiff paid Nantes the first installment of Emiliano Sala’s pass

The January 21, 2019the 28-year-old Argentine attacker had a plane crash that took him from Nantes to Cardiff to join the club to which he had just been transferred by about 19 million euros (15 million pounds).

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FIFA prejudices the payment of a first tranche of 6 million euros and the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) rejected Cardiff’s appeal in August, considering that the transfer “had been completed” at the time of Sala’s death.