A former Barcelona manager liquidated Lionel Messi amid serious allegations: “Hormonal dwarf”

When the scandals is Barcelona seemed to have dissipated after the resignation of Josep Bartomeuin the middle of accusing for having hired a company to rant against the players, again the club C.ule was left in the center of the scene due to the harsh statements of the leadership against Lionel Messi.

Román Gómez Ponti, head of legal affairs for the club of Catalonia at the time, despotic against flea: “Hormone dwarf who owes Barça his life”.

“Barto (for Bartomeu), really, you can’t be such a good person with this sewer rat. The club has given him everything and he has dedicated himself to marking a dictatorship of signings, transfers, renewals, patros (sponsors) just for him,” he said in the first instance.

“And above all the accumulation of blackmail and rudeness that the club and those who worked have suffered from this hormonal dwarf who owes Barça his life… oh! But when they are badly given (pandemic) he receives the mythical WhatsApp: Presi, lower the salary of the others, but it’s not up to me and Luis. I hope he marches among the indifference of the people, which is the worst thing that can happen to him (one more pesetero) “, she shot.

“I will never be able to do it but to the figures of his contract we would have to add Pinto, the renewal of Suárez, and that of Jordi Alba, or the renewal commission for Fati (Rodrigo Messi, agent? But if he doesn’t even know how to read and on top of that had a drug dealer as a partner), he added.

“Spoiled and insensitive millionaires. They have refused to agree with the club on the minimum measures to ensure our economic viability“, conclusion.