A former River returns from retirement to reinforce a promotion team

The front Mariano Pavon surprised everyone Quilmessince he regretted having announced his retirement from football and three weeks later he appeared to play again.

The experienced 40-year-old footballer ended a stir on social networks before the novelty. “Physically maybe it gave me to play another year, mentally I was no longer able to do it“He had assured after hanging up the boots.

Mariano Pavone, new Quilmes player. Welcome back, Tank!“, was the new post of Quilmes.

As reported by the channel All News (Tennessee), from the leadership they are thinking of paying homage to him in the next game against Deportivo Riestrain which he will be replaced in the 9th minute for an ovation.

Mariano Pavone’s retirement

21 days have passed since the first announcement of Quilmes I inform about the withdrawal: “At the age of 40, Mariano Pavone decided to end his professional career playing for our club“.

“Thank you, Tanque, for having understood what this shirt means. You represented all the Quilmes fans. We are seeing each other,” he added.

“You’re welcome and thank you very much for opening the doors of the club for me and the way the beer people treated me. I love you,” was the response from peacock bass.