A good one for Mascherano: Facundo Buonanotte received a medical discharge

The footballer of the Argentine national team Sub 20, Facundo Buonanotte, received a medical discharge last night after his hospitalization on Saturday in a cali clinic, Colombiaproduct of a blow in the debut match for the XXX South American Championship of the category.

The footballer of Brighton of the Prime Minister League The Englishwoman was admitted with cervical and skull trauma that caused her partial loss of consciousness after having an accident during the second half of the defeat with Paraguayan.

The ex center rosary he fell abruptly on his back while playing an aerial ball and was taken out of the Pascual Guerrero stadium by ambulance with a neck brace.

Although his general condition was always good, he spent Saturday night and all of Sunday in the hospital as a precaution until he was discharged last night to continue medical treatment at the concentration, reported the Argentine Football Association (AFA).

Buonanotte will not be available for tonight’s game against Brazil for the third date of Group A of the South American Sub twentywho qualifies for the Indonesian World Cup and the Pan American Games in Chile to be held this year.