A great from South America laid his eyes on Di María: “We are monitoring him”

the future of angel di maria from June 2023 it will be unknown. The noodle made with the juventus in 2022 a contract for a single year and in a couple of months he will be a free agent since he will have the pass in his possession.

In this sense, Alejandro Barcellos the president of Inter Porto Alegre promises that they are interested in the noodle:”We are monitoring Di Maria’s situation.”

From the entity of Turin they already made it known to say mary the intentions of extending the contract, but in his head there is always the possibility of wearing the shirt of center rosaryclub in which he debuted in the Opening 2005 by the hand of Don Angel Tulio Zof.

“I know it is difficult, I know there are many things, I have Argentine TV and I live watching everything. I always say it, the dream of all those who are in Argentine soccer is to come to Europe, mine -that I am in Europe- is to be able to wear the Central shirt again, He told the little lavezzi in an interview for Conmebol.

“I am not going to hide the reality, I always said it. If I have the possibility and the desire as I have it, I would like to be able to be there,” he slipped.