A London police officer confessed to 49 sex crimes

David Carrick, 48, was an elite Scotland Yard policeman and known as “Bastard Dave” (“Dave the Bastard”) for his toughness. In the 17 years that led to that force, his colleagues alarmed his superiors because of his behavior and now Carrick himself He confessed his crimes.

The officer of the London Metropolitan Police (Met), known as Scotland Yard, acknowledged before a London court that it had occurred 49 sexual crimes and rapes against 12 women for at least two decades.

The stalker used dating sites or social events to get closer to his victims and in 2021 he was arrested on suspicion of abuses committed between 2003 and 2020 mostly in the county of Hertfordshire, where he lived.

Carrick himself admitted to raping nine women, some on multiple occasions over months or years and that many of those attacks involved violence that would have left them with physical injuries.

Already in 2003 the London police officer had appeared before the Southwark Crown Court to plead guilty of four counts of rape, illegal deprivation of liberty and sexual abuserelated to a 40-year-old woman.

Deputy Deputy Commissioner Barbara Gray regretted not acting sooner: “we should have caught his pattern of abusive behavior and, because we didn’t, we missed opportunities to remove him from the organization.” “We sincerely regret that being able to continue to use his role as a police officer may have prolonged the suffering of his victims,” ​​he told British public broadcaster BBC.

“We are talking about a man who degraded, humiliated, sexually assaulted, and raped women relentlessly. As time passed, the seriousness of their crimes increased, believing that they would not be discovered,” said Jaswant Narwal, chief prosecutor for the Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution Service.

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According to Narwal, the officer met some of his victims through sites like Tinder and Badoo or at social events, and used his role as a police officer to gain their trust.

“While not a man who stalked the streets looking for victims, he spent time developing relationships with women to maintain his appetite for dominance and control and weakened his victims in the most destructive ways,” said Inspector Iain Moor, of the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Serious Crimes Unit.

For his part, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he was “absolutely disgusted and shocked” by Carrick’s crimes.

Rape, humiliation and torture

Carrick’s sadism, in addition to the abuse and the threat that because he was a policeman they could not report him, already has its consequences. victims as slaves. He came to exercise “financial control” over some of his victims, isolating them and prohibiting them from eating and sleeping.

Beyond the crimes that the officer admitted, it is suspected that he may have committed more than 70 sexual crimes. Investigator Iain Moor went on to discover a cupboard under the stairs of the abuser’s home in Hertfordshire where he locked up his victims naked, beat them with a strap and urinated even on top of them.

David Carrick also went through the parliamentary and diplomatic protection brigades along with Wayne Couzens, the policeman who pleaded guilty to the kidnapping and murder of executive Sarah Everard, which shocked London in March 2021.

The Labor Party calls for preventive measures

“Two years after the horrific murder of Sarah Everard, Conservative ministers continue to take no action to improve standards in the selection and control of police officers“Labor Party security spokeswoman Yvette Cooper lamented. “David Carrick was not even detained while suspicions of rape were investigated and was even able to get his gun license back.”


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