A man killed a street vendor in Banfield: he thought he was assaulting his wife

The terror of insecurity overwhelms the inhabitants of the Conurbano. The authorities will be able to appeal to numbers, statistics, even the “story”, but the truth is that the impunity with which criminals are managed has long since ended in turning the entire Suburb into a possible scenario of insecurity, and that terror of robberies ended with another dramatic balance: a man thought a peddler was mugging his wife, rushed to the scene and stabbed him to death in the neck.

The insane scene occurred in the street Maipú, between Pueyrredón and Belgrano, commercial area of ​​banfield, where numerous street vendors parade every day. The versions of the event suggest that one of them, a young man offering cleaning products, he approached a woman asking her to buy some of his items. The woman, near a bus stop, he would have refusedbut the seller did not give up and kept trying to get the woman to buy something for him.

It is not known how long this situation occurred, it may have been a short time, but the seller did not imagine that this “insistence” of the seller would end up costing him his life moments later. It’s that the woman’s husband was returning to meet her from a business in the area, and when he saw the vendor next to her, he thought he was assaulting her…

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He ran to the scene, stepped between them, and uncharacteristically stabbed the vendor in the neck. Mortally wounded, the young man fell a few meters away and before an ambulance arrived to treat him, he bled to death on that Benfield sidewalk.

If it is indeed verified with the statements of witnesses and videos that were only used from an attempted sale, it will have been an outcome as tragic as absurd. And it can be framed within the sensation, no longer of fear, but directly of terror that seizes millions of inhabitants of the suburbs, in the face of the endless string of criminal acts, a situation that in recent days has even led to a beating by no less than Provincial Security Minister Sergio Berni. As is known, the official had gone to a protest for the murder of Daniel Barrientos, a collective murdered in La Matanza, and the anger escalated to that beating now investigated by the Justice.

Between the screams and the arrival of the police where the seller had been stabbed, neither the names nor the ages of the protagonists of the dramatic event in Banfield were revealed, it was only pointed out that the assailant was detained by the police while the case was filed. under the investigation of the UFI 1 of Lomas de Zamora, which must now find out how the events occurred.

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