A survey indicates what is the main problem in Argentina and that it could solve it

This 2023 is a particular year because the presidential elections in Argentina returned, for this reason the main leaders of tI heard the political arc this How tall is your image and how you intend to vote?. For this reason, Reprofile contacted political analyst Raul Aragonwho prepared surveys about the politicians of our country.

According to the analysis carried out by the specialist, when the respondents were asked about the main problem in the country, the majority pointed out in first place against inflation (25.8%) and the Government (25.3%) with almost the same responsibility. Followed by the podium corruption (12%) and politicians (12%) who share the same percentage of choice.

“If one adds what has been obtained by the government, politicians and corruption, Let’s say that the problem would be the institutionality. have the twice as many mentions as inflation, almost 49 percent“said Aragon.

In the same vein, the interviewee admitted that, “For us it is the most important question. that is to say, beyond the political position and who I am going to vote for, that is the immediate perception that ordinary citizens have“.

Regarding the question: “Who would you vote for to elect president?”, the majority of those surveyed pointed to Horacio Rodríguez Larreta as the first option, while Sergio Massa appears in second place and completes the podium, the economist Javier Milei.

Elections 2023

“In Massa’s house, he retains all the voting intentions of the Frente de Todos. If one puts him as the only candidate, that Peronist or Kirchner vote has nowhere to go, they cannot vote for Together for Change,” the analyst explained.

Here what must be said is that if this were the result of the first round, the ballotage would be won by Larreta”this is because, “those 18 points from Milei can never go to the left or to Peronism“, not allowed.

Elections 2023

Another scenario that was evaluated is if Larreta is exchanged for patricia bullrichIn this case, the only one affected by this change is Javier Milei, who loses 2 points, asserted Raúl Aragón.

“I believe that we are experiencing a transformation of the Argentine political system. Both Kirchnerism and Macrismo are a consequence of the 2001 crisis, they were born in 2003“. Beyond who ruled more”,the consequence of these 20 years of that political system ordered by Cristina Kirchner on the one hand, and Mauricio Macri brought us to this situation“, he claimed.

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