A tourist from La Plata suffered a very serious injury due to an avalanche near Bariloche

This Thursday afternoon The walk that a couple from La Plata undertook along a trekking path in Bariloche ended in drama. It was due to a storm that hit the area and used an avalanche of stones and mud, including tree branches, which reached the tourists when they arrived at the mountain refuge Jakoband the consequences for women 35 years, were very serious, because they suffered the amputation of one foot. As specified, the weather warnings anticipated the possibility of that storm, but tourists would still decide to venture into the area, which with the strong fall of water became a mortal danger.

The couple was swept away by the flood, and the woman suffered was the one who bore the brunt, while the man who accompanied her only suffered some minor blows, of no great importance.

The staff of the Nahuel Huapi National Park and of the Aid Commission of the Club Andino Bariloche They worked on the rescue and managed to transfer the woman to the hospital Ramon Carrilloin the city of Barilochewhere she was admitted.

the park mayor Horace Paradela, reported shortly after the accident that the woman “had several traumas, one important to her left leg.” The community chief did not speak of amputation, he only said that the tourist had suffered an “exposed fracture of the tibia and fibula”, and then the doctors who had assisted her realized the painful news of the amputation, and it was pointed out that before the magnitude of the avalanche, it can almost be said that the couple “got lucky” saving their lives.

another incident

Four other people who were circulating in the area of ​​the Heart Island Lookouton the way to the hill thunderermust have been assisted in the last few hours by the park rangers of Villa Mascardi. The group was made up of three people from Bariloche and one from Rosario, who were transferred by gendarmerie Alabama Mascardi Reporting Center, where he received assistance. In their case, they only suffered a significant scare, without serious injuries and are in good health.

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