A young man was electrocuted when he tried to steal cables in Berazategui

A 20-year-old man was electrocuted when i was trying Steal cables in Berazategui. Another young man also received a strong electric shock, but survived and was admitted to the Evita Pueblo Hospital.

When the patrol car arrived at Camino Real and Calle 406, it found Facundo, 24, seriously injured, with burns and in shock and told how he could what had happened to him. He had suffered an electric shock when he was inside a construction pit with another young man whom he identified as Lucas.

One of the youths died instantly and the other was seriously injured.

After hearing it, the police officers approached the ditch and found the body of the other young man charred. Next to it were cutting elements for cables and the remains of cables that they already had to carry. The young survivor was initiated a case for “Attempted robbery”, while the remains of the disappeared were in the judicial morgue, waiting to be delivered to their relatives, natives of Florencio Varela.

He could have died: lightning struck when he was charging his cell phone in his room and he suffered a strong electric shock

According to images of the area, the place had the corresponding sign to avoid any type of accident. There the company Rowing, which responds to Edesur, carries out an underground laying work.

Cable theft is a common crime, as it allows copper and aluminum to be sold to junkyards. These actions are extremely dangerous for those who steal as well as for the assaulted neighborhood, since many times the electrical functioning of entire neighborhoods fails.

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