After 6.6%, inflation continues: Shell increases its fuels by 3.8%

The oil company Raizen, licensee of the brand ShellI inform that from this Wednesday the price of all its fuels increased by 3.8% on averagein an increase that was announced hours after the INDEC announced February inflation of 6.6%.

The decision is made within the framework of the agreement reached between the oil companies and the Government, by which the fuels are part of the Fair Prices program and can increase that percentage in March.

In this way, it is expected that the other companies will join the increases in the next few hours.

Gas prices are up again.

How much is gasoline

This is the fourth increase authorized by the Government and since this Wednesday the price of super gasoline at Shell service stations within the City of Buenos Aires was around 169.07 pesoswhile the one of the premium gasoline was going to be 205.33 pesos.

Meanwhile, the common diesel cost 189.05 and premium, 245.41 pesos.

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