After the death of her son, Milagro Sala’s lawyer revealed: “I have never seen her so sad”

The news of the death of sergio chorolqueson of the leader of the Tupac Amaru Miracle Room, surprised Jujuy and took national scale. It is because of a health problem, Sergio Esteban Chorolque Sala, 37 years old, died this Monday, January 23 and mourned the social leader, the target of the suspicions of Governor Gerardo Morales for alleged corruption.

At least that’s what his lawyer said. Ariel Ruarteone of those close to the social leader who was charged with confirming the death. “I have never seen her so profoundly sad”he told Page 12 before the consultation of how Milagro Sala was before the tragic news.

Who was Sergio Chorolque, son of Milagro Sala and and militant K who was in the eyes of Justice

“I have seen her angry and sad in other situations, but never like this”added the lawyer who assists her in several of the legal cases.

Ruarte was one of those close to Sala who was in charge of confirming the news that from the outset there will be no doubts because the details of the death will be lost in a strong secrecy. “The cause of death is not yet known, it is all very recent,” he had said. Apparently it was a complication in his diabetes condition.

Sergio Chorolque, son of Milagro Sala.

We found out around 2:30 p.m.. The medical emergency team reported the death and now the forensic doctor is working on the scene,” the lawyer added yesterday.

Who was Sergio Chorolque

Several times he defined himself as a “Kirchnerist militant”, a conviction that he shared with his mother whom he accompanied on a long political journey. It was advisor to the Deliberative Council of San Salvador de Jujuy and I worked in the Accounting area of ​​the province.

Milagro Sala has been in prison for seven years, lost faith in Alberto Fernández but still awaits his “pardon”

In 2017, the provincial Justice the defendant in a case for alleged money laundering, where his mother was also in the crosshairs. He, meanwhile, was being investigated for having been a participant in the commission of that crime.

In this context, prosecutor Aldo Lozano charged him with “aggravated concealment by seizure and use of assets of illegal origin.” In the same investigation, his sister Claudia was added. They detected two Toyota trucks and two Fiat cars, also paid in cash.

Before his death is confirmed, the young He had his health “quite deteriorated” due to a chronic picture of diabetesThey detailed to this agency relatives of the family, informed telam.

In 2019 he had been arrested after Evade the high voice from a police mobile in the capital of Jujuy, which led to a persecution and subsequent arrest.


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