After the Larreta and Macri agreement: who will be the only JxC candidate in CABA?

The meeting last Saturday between Mauricio Macri and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta it concluded with both environments acknowledging that “they had not reached an agreement”. However, just five days after that holiday lunch for the memory day, The definitions that the former president will not compete in the elections have already been known, that Emmanuel Ferrario dropped his candidacy for head of government of Buenos Aires and that the PRO ended up in the internal JxC to a single candidate, according to the constitution this Thursday Rodríguez Larreta. Likewise, he clarified that his support would be for that candidate, implying that despite the agreement and constant work with Martin Lousteauthe radical would run in the inmates without his support.

It is within this framework that there are now journalistic versions in some media that this “sole candidate” of the PRO would be Jorge Macri. One of the indicators that give this clue is the anger that exists in the Civic Coalition of Elisa Carriowho had precisely announced that if they lowered the candidacy of fernan quiros, Minister of Health of the City, they would put their own candidate to compete in that intern of Together for Change. The other candidate who signed up for those STEP is Soledad AcunaBuenos Aires Minister of Education.

However, from the environment of the entire PRO they handle this issue with absolute secrecy and subscribe to what Rodríguez Larreta said today: “The candidate has not been defined.” in dialogue with PROFILEthey added that recently by mid or late April there would be a definition, and it would be precisely validated by what the surveys say.

Macri and Rodríguez Larreta had lunch together but did not reach any electoral agreement

What does Jorge Macri have?

Jorge Macri Clean is the man requested by his cousin, Mauricio, to keep the succession of the City. Also has the support of Patricia Bullrichthe other candidate for president of the PRO (in addition to Mary Eugenia Vidal and Larreta). With a good reputation in the Buenos Aires municipality of Vicente López, where he was mayor and won the elections twice, he came to the City to be Minister of Government, although this difference of not belonging to the kidney of the head of the Buenos Aires government or to partner radicalism makes it noticeable the differences. Much more when the photo was taken with the headline of the PRO, Bullrich, falcon and rival in the inmate.

Sources who know Mauricio Macri say that after the gesture of stepping down as a candidate and his manifest intention that his cousin be chosen, it would be difficult to imagine that it was not him in the end.

What about Martin Lousteau?

The great dilemma that remains for Rodríguez Larreta is what to do with a fundamental partner in the city: Martin Lousteau. Radicalism not only shares power in that district, but could guarantee a solid base for the presidential buildup. A year ago, anyone who talked to both teams would get the answer that “they’re working together” and “aligned.”

But Rodríguez Larreta belongs to the PRO and today he assured that he would lean his vote for the candidate chosen from his space. That is, at least according to what he said, Soledad Acuña, Fernán Quirós and even Jorge Macri have priority over the current radical senator. But the head of the Buenos Aires government also left a sign: “I believe in the STEP“. If the winner were Lousteau, will you continue to have that support? Everything would indicate yes.

Rodríguez Larreta showed the condition of Mauricio Macri: “We are going to go to the PASO of the City with a single PRO candidate”

What the polls say

The latest surveys in March do not make the trend very clear: it is that in a Jorge Macri takes 5 points ahead of Lousteau (Circuit Consultant), in other the radical wins by two points (Argentina) and in a third there is practically a triple tie between both candidates and Quirós (CB Public Opinion Consultant), although against A slight margin in favor of Jorge Macri.

In January, a poll by Federico González y Asociados put Jorge Macri with 19.2% of possible votes and Lousteau with 15.9%. Below, with 9.5%, would be Quirós. And only 1.6% Acuña.

In February, a survey by the consulting firm Circuitos marked 22% for Jorge Macri and 17% for Lousteau. Quirós and Acuña would have 6 and 1 percent respectively.


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