Agustín Almendra goes to Racing and puts an end to the novel with Boca

The story of Augustine Almond ended in the worst possible way for both parties, both for the player and for Mouthbecause the appearance of the midfielder was treated at the time, in one of the greatest promises of the xeneize.

Despite this auspicious beginning, after several conflicts with the leadership of the club of the riversideAlmendra finally knows where they will spend their days from July. The 23-year-old midfielder arrived upon his arrival at Careers after his contract with Boca expires.

In this way, all that remains is for the moment to assemble the bag to arrive and I would leave for avellaneda because the player has already passed the medical examination and will sign a pre-contract until 2016 in the team of fernando gago who knows him from his last stage in Boca.

Almendra is away from the campus xeneize for refusing to sign his renewal and he had no activity in the auriazul cast since February 20, 2022. A few months ago he had everything arranged with the Vallecano Ray Delaware Spainbut the agreement fell suddenly and he had to continue in Boca.

His brief and controversial passage through Boca

In summary, the midfielder will be released from the Ribera team as of July 1 of this year and has not played a game for more than a year: he played 69 games with the shirt xeneize and scored six goals.

The Football Council offered him to renew his license, but he refused for personal reasons, while having a relationship with Sebastian BattagliaWhen the latter was the club’s coach, he sent a closure to oblivion during his time at the club that saw him born in football.