Agustín Almendra got a new club and leaves Boca a year after his conflict

On February 20, 2022, Augustine Almond He played his last game with the jersey of mouth Juniors precisely in the duel against center rosary on the court of Velez. after fighting with Sebastian BattagliaAt that time the club’s coach, DT withdrew and the young man emerged from the lower ranks Xeneizes he never had action with the First Division again.

The young midfielder, after rejecting a renewal in the middle of last year, will end his contract with the Ribera club on June 30, 2023 and, like Augustine Rossialready has a pre-contract signed with his new team: El Rayo Vallecano of Spain.

Despite the interests of Cruzeiro and of the flamencothe midfielder leaned towards the team that plays in the Spanish first division and thus will have his debut in European football.

The conflict between Almendra and Battaglia that earned him his exclusion from the Primera de Boca

After Sebastian battle have opted in a training session for the footballer to be part of the substitutes, the player is annoying until the clash with the DT is needed.

The former coach of Mouth tried to calm the youth, who did not accept the advice of one of the most winning soccer players in the history of Boquense, to which battle replied: “If you don’t like it, you leave“. Without standing with folded arms, Almond he replied: “Close the ortho that you are not the technician, they manage you”.

Before this answer, battle marginalized Almond and homegrown xeneize he never went up to the First Division again, despite being taken into account in the reserve of Hugo Ibarra.