Albertismo already speaks of the “sunset of Kirchner’s hegemony” and does not recognize the leadership of Cristina Kirchner

The differences between the Albertismo and the leaders closest to Cristina Kirchner have a new chapter. From the environment of President Alberto Fernández they affirm that the Frente de Todos was born before the “decline of the Kirchnerist hegemony” and They warned that they did not feel led by Vice President Cristina Kirchner.

“The problem is that they assume that the policy and the center of the Frente de Todos has to be that no one discusses the leadership of Cristinato which a lot of Peronist comrades say that we do not feel driven by it,” a source from Fernández’s inner circle slipped regarding the constant questioning of La Cámpora.

Along these lines, highlight that the ruling coalition was forged as a new electoral and political instrument that bet on “overcome what had been the case of the Kirchnerist hegemony”, after the former president herself lost the legislative elections in 2017. “There are comrades who refuse to take this historic step,” they pointed out from the Albertism before the repeated darts sent by the national deputy Máximo Kirchner and the camporista leader Andrés “Cuervo” Larroque.

Given this scenario, consider that the STEPs are to “order” the Frente de Todos, but they warned: “If some put Cristina in the center all the time or there is nothing, then it is difficult to project a political space.”

According to the historical perspective of those who accompany the head of state, Starting in 2003, the hegemony of Kirchnerism began to consolidate in Argentina and in Peronism, a product of the presidencies of Néstor and Cristina Kirchner.but they highlighted that there was a rupture in 2013, when the now Minister of Economy- and head of the Renewal Front, Sergio Massa, won the legislative elections outside the ruling party at that time.

“The hegemony of Kirchnerism was broken by Sergio (Massa)”underlined from the presidential environment and explained that the creation of the Frente de Todos emerged as a device to “collect the good of the entire previous process and not repeat the bad.”

Agustin Rossi - Alberto Fernandez

In this regard, reflect: “That meant that the leadership was no longer indisputable, because for that it had had the Kirchnerist hegemony. That stage was already over. Now what was proposed was a collegiate leadership with Cristina, as the majority shareholder, Alberto [Fernández]Sergi [Massa]the social movements, the CGT, the governors and the labor movements”.

“That was the collegiate body that the Frente de Todos had to lead. We won the election and that did not happen“Acknowledged a source who knows in detail what was the arming of the ruling coalition, in which only five ministers will remain in their positions from December 10, 2019.

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Despite having won the presidential election with Alberto Fernández as a candidate, the leadership of the ruling party continues to be more questioned than ever: “From the first day we said that the Frente de Todos is not about recreating Kirchner’s hegemony but the possibility of Peronism projecting a country for the next 10 years.”

“There is a space driving crisis”, sources with access to the presidential office acknowledged, who countered: “If Cristina’s leadership is so impregnable, then why do they need Alberto to get on or off the electoral fight. What is happening is that Alberto makes it visible that there is a driving crisis.”

Although the criticisms are mixed given that, as the Chief of Staff stated on several occasions, Augustine Rossi, It is a composition made up of forces that “think alike” but not the same, from the albertismo demand solutions for diagnoses.


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