Alberto Fernández defended CFK on the networks

As reported by journalist Alejandro Gomel in Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9), Alberto Fernandez He spoke about the situation over the weekend with the vice president and her daughter, Florencia Kirchner.

Alberto tuteo: “It is Easter Sunday. Let us meet again with the best of us and do not open the doors to those who spread hate by preaching infamy to discourage us and damage our spirit. On these Easter, let’s build a time of respect and harmony. I am definitely on the side of those who suffer such mistreatment. It is unfair. It’s malicious. It is harmful. It is inadmissible. It is a speech that seeks to hurt not only a public person but all those who are part of his family life.”

This was from the conversation of Viviana Canosa and laura di marco in La Nación+, where they pointed directly to the health of the vice president’s daughter and maintained that if Florence If he had any health problems, it would be his mother’s fault.

This attitude on the part of the host and the journalist deserved the repudiation of a large part of the political and journalistic arc.

“It is a speech that seeks to hurt”: Alberto Fernández defended Cristina Kirchner and her daughter Florencia after criticism in the media

The Public Defender’s Office has already announced that it is preparing a preliminary report to ask for sanctions because of what happened, and there is talk of discrimination, hatred and political violence against women.

“It is important to stop and pay attention to the things that happen in the media, because to criticize the vice president there are places to enter, such as economic policy, but it is reprehensible to get into the personal and private life of someone who has no public activity such as Florencia Kirchner,” said journalist Alejandro Gomel.

The only thing we have in journalism is credibility and if you end up losing what’s left of it, you’ll be left with nothing.


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