Alberto Fernández defended Cristina Kirchner and her daughter Florencia after criticism in the media

In the middle of an Easter message, the president Alberto Fernandez defended the vice president Cristina Kirchner your daughter Florence before the”hate speech“who are aiming “hurt not only a public person but all those who are part of his family life”. The president’s words occurred after comments from journalists Viviana Canosa and laura di marco in his cycle CO+ to both women.

Through his Twitter account, the president dedicated a series of publications to greet the holiday. “Today is a day of reflection for humanity. Easter is opportune for rethink what we have lived and encourage us to build a different future. United in love for our neighbor and respecting each other in diversity”, expressed Fernández.

Strong repudiation from the ruling party of the statements of Canosa and Laura Di Marco about the health of Florencia Kirchner

However, in the middle of his message he changed the focus to refer to the “hate-filled speeches” against the vice president. “I say this when you hear hate speech disqualifying a woman from being her mother just because of political differences.” And he added, regarding Florencia Kirchner: “Words that mistreat a young woman to which time and time again they take the public stage only to stigmatize her and thus hurt her mother”.

In addition, he qualified these episodes as “unfair, malicious, harmful and inadmissible”. “I am definitely on the side of those who suffer such mistreatment. It is a speech that seeks to hurt not only a public person but also all those who are part of their family life,” said the president.

“It’s Easter Sunday. Reuniting with the best of us and let us not open the doors to those who spread hate preaching infamy to discourage us and damage our spirit. On these Easter, let’s build a time of respect and harmony ”, concluded the message from him Fernández.

The sayings of Viviana Canosa and Laura Di Marco about Cristina and Florencia Kirchner

the journalists Viviana Canosa and laura di marco criticized the vice president in her LN+ cycle Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, and made serious speculations about their daughter’s alleged health problems, Florence Kirchner. They pointed out in this regard that he would suffer an allegedanorexia nervosa due to lack of mother“, opinions that generated the strong repudiation of different official referents, political leaders and communication specialists.

The statements about Florencia K were made in the program hosted by Canosa (+Viviana), where it was shown pictures posted by daughter of the former president and Néstor Kirchner on their social networks. “You see how her body is. I feel very sorry for Florencia, she has galloping anorexia nervosa”, He began by saying Di Marco.

“Those who study the disease of anorexia, it is lack of motherIt’s a lack of maternal nutrition,” he said before Canosa’s gaze. “Then you say: who is Cristina? She is a very resentful womanthat did not cure their resentment,” the journalist continued.

The main criticisms against Canosa and Di Marco on social networks were for take guesswork out of health status from the screenwriter and visual director for the personal photos she posts on her accounts. Also for speculating about the reasons that could unleash the aforementioned eating disorders.


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