Alberto Fernández handed out distinctions and assured that investment in science “is priceless”

President Alberto Fernandez affirmed this Friday that during his administration he will invest “all the money that is necessary to develop science and technology in Argentina”, considering that this “The future of a society depends”.

“While I am President, I am going to put all the money that is needed so that science and technology continue to develop in Argentina, because there I am investing in the future, in more equality, in more development and in thought. That investment has no price”stressed the President.

Leading the delivery of the Houssay Awards, Houssay Trajectory, Jorge Sábato, and the National Research Distinction in the Auditorium of the Cultural Center of Science, the Head of State indicates that “There are few who make up the scientific community, but they are central to Argentina’s continued growth.”

“I wanted to come to the House of Science, which is a bit like this Ministry of Science and Technology that I hope will never cease to be a Ministry,” Fernández pointed out, referring to the fact that former President Mauricio Macri demoted the Ministry to the rank of secretariat, which then implied a reduction in its budget.

In turn, the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, daniel filmus He highlighted: “We have a president and a vice president (Cristina Kirchner) who are very sensitive to the scientific issue, with budgetary support for the area.” “No country can grow, develop and distribute wealth better if there are pendulum policies that come and go, especially in education, science and technology,” added the national official.

In addition, he appreciated that in the award shortlists “those who had the merit to win the award were mostly women”, and pondered the “federal” nature of the awarding of awards to “representatives of different provinces, different universities and different institutes, which imply a growth and development of science throughout the country”.

The awards Houssay, Houssay Trajectory, Jorge Sábato and the distinction Researcher of the NationThey are organized by the Planning Secretariat to recognize those who will contribute throughout their scientific career to produce new knowledge, develop innovations with a social and productive impact, and promote knowledge transfer and human training.

In the 2022 edition, the following areas of knowledge were invited: Health Sciences, Engineering, Architecture and Computer Science, Environmental Sciences and Technologies and Human Sciences.

The list of honors

For the Houssay Awards, which in addition to the diploma, an economic recognition of, The winners were Dr. María Cecilia Gallero (Area of ​​Human Sciences), Dr. Marta Alicia Toscano (Area of ​​Health Sciences), Dr. Maria Laura Foresti (Area of ​​Engineering, Architecture, Computer Science)and Dr. Natalia Paola Chacoff (Area of ​​Environmental Sciences and Technologies).

With the Houssay Trajectory Awards, which received a compensation of 500,000 pesos, the Dr. Florence Luna (Area of ​​Human Sciences), the Dr. Andrea Vanesa Gamarnik (Area of ​​Health Sciences), the Dr. Eduardo Ernesto Miró (Area of ​​Engineering, Architecture, Computer Science), and the Dr. Marta Irene Camada (Area of ​​Environmental Sciences and Technologies).

Finally, in the case of the Jorge Sabato Prize, whose prize is 500,000 pesos, it was obtained by Dr. Hugo Hector Ortega, who developed most of his scientific activity in the country. Finally, it should be noted that among the winners of the Houssay Trajectory Awards, the Executive Branch recognized Dr. Andrea Vanesa Gamarnik with the “distinction to the researcher of the Argentine Nation”, contemplated in Law 25,467 of the national system of science, technology and innovation. That prize included a gold medal and a prize of 2,500,000 pesos.

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