Alberto Fernández in electoral tone, criticism of Macri and the Justice: “They want to discourage us”

President Alberto Fernandez published on the afternoon of this Wednesday, December 11, a video on their social networks in which, in an electoral tone and with criticism of Mauricio Macri and to Justice, he talks about Argentina and growth expectations towards 2023.

“For three years we have been building the foundations of a country that includes everyone and that allows them to develop their life projects,” said the head of state, who left open the possibility of being a candidate, since he did not make direct reference to his run for re-election this year.

The video begins with the phrase of former president Mauricio Macri, who during a tour of Spain some time ago said that Argentine society “Clearly it must be the most unsuccessful society in the last 70 years.”

In a critical tone, the head of state says: “What future can a country have that has a former president touring the world saying that his people are the most failed society in the last 70 years?”.

Then, in images in which he can be seen together with the first lady Fabiola Yañez and their son, Francisco, his speech continues: “While I play with Francisco, I look for an answer, I look at him and I can’t stop thinking about how he will be the Argentina in which he grew up”

Along these lines, he questions: “Has the society with the best public health on the continent failed, with a public education that has given five Nobel prizes? Failed the society that judged and condemned the genocidal, that recovered democracy to the cry of “Never again” and defended it forever?

“Has the society that was at the forefront of rights for all working people failed?” Fernández wonders.

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“Every day the sons and daughters of the Homeland make a better Argentina driven by the strength of our history, which is a history of collective victories, of dreams realized, of social justice, of national pride in all parts of the world”, Says the President.

In relation to his mandate, he expresses: “For three years we have been building the foundations of a country that includes everyone and that allows them to develop their life projects. On these foundations of economic growth and the development of the productive forces, we can project new horizons”.

In the next section, with images alluding to the trip of officials and judges to Lago Escondido, the text says: “Argentina today works to grow. It provides more rights every day and does not take them away. He does social justice, he doesn’t do social gatherings with justice. Build the future. He never criticizes collective achievements: he celebrates them. This Argentina does not leave its people adrift, it extends its hand to them ”.

“We are a supportive, fraternal society. We are proud of this society that we inhabit and that we build every day”, claims Fernández.

Controversial phrase by Mauricio Macri about Argentina: “It must be the most unsuccessful society”

“The same people who want to take over the country always want to discourage us by talking about our history as a failure. Those who do not appreciate democracy, who want a country for the few, without public health, without education, with justice that serves the powerful and without rights for those who work,” he says, while watching videos of the revolt that took place in Brazil last weekend, and a photo of Macri embracing Jair Bolsonaro, questioned by these mobilizations of his supporters.

I start this year with my renewed strength and my unwavering commitment. I am convinced that it will be a turning point that will allow us to face each day with more optimism.”, adds Fernandez.

Regarding the ending, he remarks: “I believe in the Argentine people. I believe in my people, I believe in our ability to make the impossible possible. I trust our strength to move forward. We are a wonderful people who inhabit a land that offers everything for a better future. A future that has already begun. There is much more to live. Let’s do it together”.

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