Alberto Fernández met with mayors

In the meeting there were several ministers, some close to Alberto as victory tolosa peace and gabriel katopodis, but also Sergio Massa. There was “a good tone in the dialogue,” journalist Alejandro Gomel clarified in Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

The mayors spoke of a good meeting, firstly due to the presence of sergio masa, which was important to them since they fulfilled unlocking issues related to budgets and public works, in an important electoral year for the municipalities that did not have the money for that. A public work that according to the mayors is in a good volume and of which there is a good quantity in each of the municipalities, which activates the economy.

The problem is in the inflationAnd although the mayors speak of a good relationship with those for public works and the work that exists, inflation is something that can drag everyone down in the next election and the neighbors with Massa and Fernández also talked about that.

Alberto Fernández insists on his electoral assembly despite the resistance K

There was a political talk, where they talked about the candidacies, “Alberto we need a definition, yes Are you going to be a candidate or not?and that it be as soon as possible so that the internal order begins,” Sergio Massa sentenced the president, and reiterated that his role as minister is not compatible with a candidacy.

The president spoke of maintaining unity by making the comparison with a boat, without mentioning Cristina or Wado de Pedro. The mayors were satisfied and plan to accompany both Alberto if they decide to run for re-election and the new process of fair prices from Massa.

Alberto will continue with the meetings tomorrow will meet with the governors and he will return to the province next Friday to be at a lunch in Berazategui with the mayors, a lunch he will also attend Axel Kicillof.


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