All parents should take the Báez Sosa case as a sad but very powerful lesson

The sad case of Fernando Baez Sosamurdered by a mob that spent the summer in villa gesell. It must be taken as a great lesson. The judgment, which has the whole society pending, brings many lessons that can be used in a pedagogical way for parents of children entering adolescence. A clear sign that the apparently innocent “loaded” as we used to say in our time or “bardeo” as it is used now can escalate and take on the most horrendous proportions to end the life of a young son of a couple who raised him with values ​​such as humility, sacrifice and work.

It is not my intention to label entering another of the cracks”rugby players and bad boys from wealthy families”; “son of the humble good manager”. Here there is another crack and it is that of the values. And what bullying can cause: in Fernando’s case, death. But there is another case in which I would like to dwell: that of Paul Ventura, an introverted boy, dedicated to rowing, who was a constant target of harassment from this group. They had memes on their phones with photos of him and ended up blaming him for the vile murder. He spent hours in custody and this time justice and also partly by his father, Jose Mariaa pharmacist from Zárate who moved heaven and earth to bring the evidence was able to go free.

Trial of Fernando Báez Sosa: Pablo Ventura, a doctor and friends testify

In the train of possible scenarios, today he could be serving a sentence for something he did not do. And if we go further back, he could have been a victim of what happened to Ferdinand. Paul was the prelude to what happened next. And no one helped him, he probably went through it alone with the support of his family. Bullying if not stopped can end in the worst. Perhaps with Pablo they did not dare to go toe-to-toe because his physique as a rower and his height had announced a resounding failure. Because the cowardly side of this type of action is always there.

They looked for a quiet boy, part of a group from the Marianist school in Caballito and they did not get tired of calling him “black”. So many times he is offended in daily speech, so many times horrible things are said in front of the boys. Those of us who are parents know that there are behaviors and insults that children don’t even know what they mean. “Soviet tank” a 10-year-old boy told his classmates because they were taller and bigger than him. Can we think that at that age they know what the Cold War was?

The intimidation It begins with a small gesture, a nickname, and ends up escalating in rudeness, harassment that is multiplying today with the networks, coming to feel that the victim wants to erase himself from this world, to no longer exist. And not only those who practice it are responsible, but others, by keeping it quiet. It is the way that the Scandinavian countries use in their schools to combat it: not focus so much on the aggressor but on the groupeducate them not to allow it.

Fernando Báez Sosa case: chronology of the brutal murder

As one of those viral posts that are circulating right now says: “10 fathers, 10 mothers and no apology“. Boys are not born or come from a cabbage, aggressive and humiliating behaviors towards others are gestated at home. And if by one of those coincidences our son commits something that we have not taught him and that is not worthy of a be polite, correct it, be part of the apologies, give lessons.Nobody studies how to be a good father, it is about being self-taught, but to avoid these social tragedies that are the Fernando Baez Sosa whom we have all cried for three years, we must start at home.

It is always advised to keep guys away from the media as the source of all evil. Today, watching the news of the trial and discussing the case with them is one of the most great contributions that we can make to our society.

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