An Argentine coach sounds to direct the Belgium National Team

Belgium finished third in Group F and said goodbye to the Qatar World Cup. They beat Canada 1-0 (the only goal they scored in the tournament), then lost 2-0 to World Cup upset Morocco and drew 0-0 with Croatia. It was precisely against the Croats that it was the last performance of roberto martinez in command of the Belgian team and that is why the rain of candidates to replace him begins, where an Argentine appears.

I told the group after the defeat against Morocco that I would leave after the World Cup. In a way, everyone knew that the match against Croatia could be the last”, explained Martínez who quickly took over the Portugal National Team,

the German joaquin bass and the Portuguese André Villas-Boas they sound to take the reins of Belgium and the Argentine who has a chance is Mauricio Pochettino.


After passing through Paris Saint Germain, Pochettino did not speak again and he was also linked to the England team for a long time. He has a plus over Low and Villas-Boas, since in tottenham worked together with two Belgian references such as: Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld.