An English soccer legend apologized to Lisandro Martínez: “It was the surprise of the season”

Despite the many criticisms he received when he arrived at the Premier league, lisandro martinez had a first season in manchester united Live up to the expectations of a world champion.

One of the people who judged him the most was from Jamie Carragherformer Liverpool defender, who He said the height of the Argentine defender as a weaknessbut recently had to apologize: “I would like to apologize to Lisandro Martínez, it was the surprise of the season for me”said the historic defender who today works as a television host.

“It happens to any central defender who reaches the Premier League and he measures less than 1.80. you thought automatically ‘he’s going to have problems’, and he didn’t have them“Carragher added.

At the time of Lisandro Martínez’s arrival at Manchester United, the former Liverpool had assured that “I wouldn’t want to play alongside someone who measures 1.75 as a central defender.”

Then he added: “All players have weaknesses. Whatever, technically or physically, and good players work to hide them. I was not a complete center back and he is even smaller than me. You [por Neville] He spoke about how important Casemiro is, I think there was an impressive downturn when Martínez is not in the Manchester United eleven”, acknowledged the former England team.

“It shows defensively, but also because of his ability with the ball, his starting from the bottom. He is a warrior, a leader and when you think about the backbone of United, Casemiro and him, two signings, made the difference. So sorry Lisandro, sorry Manchester United fans,” Carragher closed.