Ángel Di María’s gold medal is worth more than Leandro Paredes’

The world champions with the Argentine national team, angel di maria Y Leandro Paredes were lent to a game for the official Instagram account of Juventus, from Italy, the club where they currently play, where weighed their respective gold medals.

In the video it can be seen that Angelito got up from the seat and with his left hand He deposited his medal on the scaleswith extreme care. He instantly found out that it weighs 441 grams and he repeated the figure aloud, with some degree of surprise.

Later, Paredes placed his medal on the scales, and the digital counter I charge 429 grams.

immediately, noodle felt winner and said to his companion: “Mine weighs more, guacho!”. Not satisfied with it, medal in hand, he added with a smile: “It’s worth more!”

The former Boca smiled at Di María’s celebration, in a clear sign of complicity, in the game of the world champions, who a month ago embraced each other with eternal glory in Qatar.