Argentina grows as an exporter of “knowledge economy”

He Latin American entrepreneurial ecosystem it is growing rapidly. Although 2022 was challenging for the Opening when it comes to getting financing ten new extensions it was built on unicorns, putting the region at the center of innovation.

The latest edition of Mobile World Congress 2023 brought together, in Barcelona, ​​​​the most relevant companies of the world’s connectivity ecosystem, with more than 2,000 participating companies and 90,000 visitors.

As an Argentine entrepreneur, I had the honor of being part of a round table on the Spanish-speaking market. We reflect on the challenges of expanding from Argentina to all of Latin America, we discuss the great Spain’s potential as center of innovation in artificial intelligence that enables the acceleration of Latin American startups and introduces Quallie, our new BI & Analytics virtual assistant, 100% customizable and technologically flexible.

From that talk I took at least two certainties: the Latino entrepreneurial ecosystem is gaining great importance in the European market, even despite the adverse economic context, being Argentina one of the undisputed protagonists of that process.

Argentina grows as an exporter of “knowledge economy”

As entrepreneurs, thinking global is the first step to grow. And while expanding is always a challenge, there is a world of possibilities to explore.

Argentina consolidates itself as a hub of technology talent

In fact, more and more companies in the region will adapt in extensions world class, conforming as new, dynamic and disruptive players. So much so that only in 2022 the entrepreneurial sector in the region doubled its value.

Within this universe, Argentina stomps: we have the 2nd place in the region in number of unicornsbehind Brazil. Mercado Libre, Globant, Auth0 and Ualá are some of the 11 companies that timidly emerged and with a lot of effort scaled up to become global benchmarks.

More and more companies in the region adjust to extensions world class, conforming as new, dynamic and disruptive players.

Behind that achievement, there is another equally strategic one. He growth of these companies has a key role in the future of the country because it not only generates high value-added employment, but also strengthens Argentina’s position as an exporter of the Knowledge Economy, with a leadership undisputed in the expansion of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region.

In this sense, made up of more than 600 million people, the Spanish-speaking market is a great opportunity for scaleups. And the positioning of Spain as a hub for innovation in artificial intelligence in Spanish is key to the internalization and incubation of Latin American startups.

Argentina is well positioned in the future of technologies and knowledge export.

Undoubtedly, we are located in the center of the phenomenon of innovation with Latin DNA through the development of data solutions, applying BI, Analytics and Machine Learning techniques. Quallie, a virtual assistant, for example, allows people to check on business KPIs in real time using globally recognized chat channels.

It is an ally to streamline management and decision-making since it uses the understanding of natural language and handles a wide set of graphics as a response.

The entrepreneurial ecosystem of Latin America is growing rapidly. AND Argentina is among the main players of this move We must maintain a global vision to continue developing innovative solutions that generate added value and enhance our strategic growth in the community.

*CEO of Quales Group

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