Argentina is looking for 10 just men, do they exist?

Months ago he stopped writing on Facebook and Instagram. “It happens that I get tired of being a man” confessed Pablo Neruda in an unforgettable poem by residence on earth, that I still remember I don’t get tired of man but of his actions: we are destined to destroy ourselves. The technological revolution places us at lateral distances from the man in the caves while the human condition distanced itself just a few centimeters from our violent ancestors.

The countries that I love, in which I lived, are on the brink of confrontation and disaster. The countries or the men of those countries? I was born in Soviet Ukraine but I also resided in Magnitogorsk, in the Ural mountains and in Moscow.

In my childhood I spoke two languageshe Russianthe predominant language in the USSR, and the ukrainian, the local language subjected, a dependency that Russia tries to restore with its brutal aggression and that will continue a universal revulsion that today, tenuously, can be transformed into suspicious indifference. “The worst thing about tragedy is that we get used to it,” reflected Simone de Beauvoir.

Are needed just men instead of wars, violence, invlution.

The invasion of Ukraine occupies less space in the media every day: football matches are much more exciting. I lived, worked and studied in the idealistic, supportive and exemplary social sensitivity Israel of the 1950s. Today I am anxious about its future when the personal interests of Benjamin Netanyahu added to a religious far rightfanatical and parasitic, but elected by the majority, it tries to annul its democratic essence in a circumstantial exercise of power, ignoring the vast minority.

The lie as a way to justify the inability of the rulers

I also love the Spain que welcomed us during the Argentine military dictatorship. We witnessed and participated in his exemplary democratic transition and I enjoyed his hospitality and his passionate political creativity for 37 years.

Today, that Spain is no longer the same: on the horizon, the cave right lurksthreaten and act.

Argentina, my country, oscillates between uncertainty, improvisation and empty chatter. The solution: a pact with a common program between the lucid leaders of the democratic parties, unions and businessmen.

“Argentina, my country, oscillates between uncertainty, improvisation and empty chatter”

The policy -and rightly so- is discredited in Argentinabut there are many prepared citizens with a vocation for service, not for enrichment, who, united, can change the country by summoning the citizens.

I wonder if we can find those ten just men to generate a deep and essential change in Argentina or we will resemble the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah, corrupt, without justice and without law, where it was impossible to find them. As punishment, according to the Bible, both cities were destroyed. Are there ten just men in Argentina? Where are they? How to summon them? An answer is urgent.

*Co-founder of the newspaper La Opinión.

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