As soon as he returned to Brazil, former Justice Minister Anderson Torres was arrested by the police

anderson towers, former Minister of Justice during the government of Jair Bolsonaro and later responsible for the security area in Brasilia, is in jail in Brazil. This Saturday, as soon as he got off the plane that brought him back from his vacation from the United States, the Bolsonaro leader was immediately arrested, under charges that point to him as the one who would have “liberated” the area of ​​the capital where the massive demonstrations took place. opponents, who destroyed the headquarters of Parliament and the Executive, taking over the brand new government of President Lula da Silva in its first crisis of magnitude.

Torres, after his work in the cabinet, had been appointed as Secretary of Security of the capital, so that the incidents of the day in which thousands of supporters of the far-right leader devastated the headquarters of public power, with late police intervention, were his responsibility. direct.

After these demonstrations, Torres was removed from office as a result of the assault, and from the United States he had announced through social networks that he was going to return to Brazil to “appear before justice and defend your innocence”.

The Bolsonaro protesters last Sunday staged very serious incidents in Brasilia.

Torres landed this Saturday back in Brazil, one day after the current Minister of Justice, Flavio Dino, said that they would activate international cooperation mechanisms if he did not return voluntarily.. The operation at the Brasilia airport was carried out discreetly, and the Federal Police, in charge of the arrest, kept away from the media.

Last Sunday, thousands of followers of the far-right Bolsonaro invaded the offices of the Presidency, the National Congress and the Supreme Court, in an attack against Brazilian democracy. Alexandre de Moraes, judge of the Brazilian Court, probably his arrest for the alleged “painful collusion” with the violent acts of Bolsonaro supporters.

After the violence in Brasilia, what future awaits Bolsonarism?

Moraes himself authorized on Friday night, a request from the Attorney General’s Office, including Bolsonaro in the investigations that seek to clarify who the instigators and masterminds of the attack were. Bolsonaro insists that “had no connection” with the violent demonstrations and, through his lawyer, he repeated that “he is innocent of what happened”, although he defended the “right to protest” in a veiled manner.

Torres must now also give explanations in relation to a draft presidential decree, without signature but with the name of Bolsonaro, that he was found at his home, and that he spoke of ordering a state of emergency, ignoring as “fraudulent” the result of the hard-fought elections that Lula ended up winning and returned him to power after his two previous terms.

Tighten the siege on Bolsonaro

While Torres is already in jail, the Brazilian authorities tighten the siege around Jair Bolsonaro, on suspicion of “being behind” the January 8 coup in Brasilia. Prosecutors highlighted in their request to prosecute Bolsonaro a video that the former president uploaded to his social networks on January 10, two days after the attacks, insisting on his questions about the October electoral result.

In a note sent to AFP on Friday, Bolsonaro’s defense once again denied any involvement of the former president in the acts of vandalism last Sunday, which in addition to enormous material losses left more than 1,800 detainees.

“He (Bolsonaro) never had any relationship or participation in these movements”points to the note from the right-wing leader’s lawyers, who accused “infiltrators” of the damage and disturbances.

“Public incitement”

However, for the Brazilian Attorney General’s Office there is “elements that support the investigation” against the former president, who never recognized Lula’s victory and left the country before the end of his term and the ceremony of transmission of command.

The entity considers that Bolsonaro “made public incitement to commit a crime” by uploading the video. Despite the fact that the video was published two days after the attacks in the capital, and deleted on the 11th, the Prosecutor’s Office believes that the former president’s conduct reveals an “evidentiary connection” between the events.

“There is a relationship between the video and the attacks, it is an indication that may suggest Bolsonaro’s greater involvement,” Mario Schapiro, a law professor at the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV) in Sao Paulo, told AFP. The interrogation request of Bolsonaro, who is in the United States, will be analyzed “in due course”, Judge Moraes clarified.

The violent attacks on the heart of power in Brasilia went around the world and the images were compared to the coup against the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021. Lula’s Justice Minister, Flavio Dino, said this Friday that no has carried out procedures to request the extradition of the ex-president, who this Friday finally changed his biography on Twitter that until yesterday described him as the “President” of Brazil.

The FGV professor said that Bolsonaro could receive a prison order if there were indications of his participation in the events and his freedom put the process at “risk”. Schapiro added that right now “he sees no reason to request his extradition.”

“There was a plan”

For the new head of Justice, Flavio Dino, the discovery of a draft decree declaring the draft “state of exception” at Torres’ house, “relates the events beginning on October 30 [segunda vuelta de las presidenciales] until January 8, and it shows that what happened is not a simple series of isolated cases, and that there was planning.”

Torres said on Twitter that “most likely the described material was found” between documents to throw away and affirm that the draft “That text is being decontextualized”. The looting of the headquarters of public powers capped months of political tension in Brazil, which underwent a visceral electoral campaign after which Lula prevailed over his arch-rival Bolsonaro by less than two percentage points.


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