Attack on Cristina Kirchner, power outages and pickets: the topics that generate the most hate on the networks

A study on the behavior of users in Twitter and Google revealed were the events that generated the most negativity in the content published by the majority of users, where they distinguished the assassination attempt 8 months ago on the vice president Cristina Kirchnerthe heat wave registered in February and March, with power outages that unleashed the fury of consumers, and the constant pickets that, with the exception of massive marches, alter the mood of the citizens.

This is a report by Scidata, Argentine Digital Monitor and Social Newswith the “social media listening” technique, between the period of September 2022 and March 2023, on the Twitter and Google platforms.

The attack on Cristina Kirchner unleashed the biggest negative wave

September 2022 was the month with the highest negativity in the last 8 months. At the beginning of that month, the vice president, Cristina Kirchner, suffered an assassination attempt at the door of her apartment in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

ANSES said that “it is false and triggered that Cristina Kirchner collects 9.1 million”, but did not give figures

“In September of last year, negative mentions on Twitter touched 53%. We detected this adverse feeling when analyzing the publications of geolocated users in Argentina, expressing some of the 24 emotions that we analyzed,” they explained.

In the days after the event that shook Argentine political life, among all the negative sentiments, only hate grew from 18% to almost 31%. However, from the end of 2022 to March 2023, this context of talk continued to slowly but progressively become negative.

Heat wave and problems with electricity service

“During March 2023, everything positive that the Argentine dialogue on social networks still retained evaporated. One of the reasons that explained this deterioration of the chat on Twitter was the heat wave and the expansion of electricity cuts” , they detailed.

Sergio Massa announced the intervention of Edesur due to the massive power cuts in the AMBA

Within that talk about the interruption of the electrical supply, the 71% of posts were negative. Almost all the mentions (some very harsh) pointed against the national government in general and against electricity service providers in particular. “Sons of bitches”, “shit”, “guilt” and “squirts” They were some of the words of negative sentiment most used by Argentines to vent their anger on social platforms.

Concern about pickets

The metrics that reflect the concern of Argentines about the pickets had his highest peak in recent years of almost 11 points during 2022, with a record of 11.6 points in this current 2023.

“It is evident that the social protest in the streets is more than present, although with the prevalence of the “foquista” modality of the street protest. That is, specific cuts in certain areas carried out by a handful of protesters, instead of massive mobilizations and generalized, except for exceptions”, they argued.

Mentions to the national government: worrying values, but better than before

“So far in March, the balance of positive and negative mentions is below the low reputation values, although at worrisome values. The indicator was at -23.26%, a better level than January and February, but in values ​​that reflect the chronic discontent of Argentines who post on Twitter mentioning the management of the national government“, he concluded in the survey.

In March, the sentiment of the semantics of Alberto Fernández’s management yielded 72.5% rejection mentions and barely 27.5% positive citations. “Debt”, “cuts” and “inflation” dominate the negative semantics of the month against the government, while “agreement” and “work” channeled the positive dialogue.

The full study:


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