Báez Sosa case: Ciro Pertossi asked to testify

This Tuesday, January 17 The penultimate day of testimonies scheduled for the trial of the eight rugby players accused of beating Fernando Báez Sosa to death begins in the early morning of January 18, 2020, at the exit of the Le Brique bowling alley, in Villa Gesell.

12:30 pm Benicelli’s father

After Pertossi’s comment, it was the turn of Benicelli’s father. “We have a painting workshop when Matías finished studying he stayed to work with us: he was the painter of the workshop. he played football”.

In this regard, he stated that Fernando Báez Sosa’s crime caused him “a lot of anguish”, since he “never” imagined that his son would go through something like this.

“They wanted to hit my daughter and my wife in the street. I hear how they insult my wife through the media, I hear that when they hurt my son in prison they will not defend him“, held.

Benicelli thought that “pain does not heal with more pain” and said that “there is not a day that he does not get up with insults.”

12:14 The relatives of the rugbiers begin to declare

On the penultimate day of the trial, the relatives of the rugby players began to testify. The first to speak was Mauro Pertossi, father of Ciro and Luciano, godfather of Blas Cinalli and uncle of Lucas.

Mauro dedicated himself to talking about how the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa affected families. “After 25 years of work, they have asked me to disengage”told the father of Ciro and Luciano.

In that sense, He said that he received “threats”, for which he made the corresponding complaints.

A) Yes, He defined the situation as a “disgrace”. “One believes that things are on track in life, this comes and I don’t know what to think. I can’t believe we’re living in this moment… My children are not murderers, they are boys, they are adolescents, they are lazy as we say in the neighborhood“, said.

11:59 The psychological expert presented by the defense

After the fourth intermission, the hearing resumed with the statement of a clinical psychological expert, presented by the rugbiers’ defense. This is Agustín Costa Shaw, who was offered as an expert witness in a psychological and psychiatric expertise to which the defendants did not agree to submit.

The defendants were received by two psychologists and a psychologist. They were tense and nervous.. They were in the dilemma of wanting and not being able to speak. Many had tremors and nerves. basically, Enzo Comelli was shaking his knee, ”he narrated.

In this way, he continued with his explanations and said that “there was a special situation with Thomsen”. “She arrived, she broke down and she couldn’t stop crying. They had to be contained, she was crying for a few minutes”, featured.

The expert said that The rugby players refused to carry out the examination out of fear and “mistrust” to possible leaks of what was discussed there.

11:50 Mocking the guarantee of the request for life imprisonment

Just two days before the arguments begin, the family’s lawyer, Fernando Burlando, assured that he made the request for life imprisonment.

They made the decision to kill and they killed. The only possible penalty is life imprisonment. Fernando deserves to rest in peace and his parents have the consolation of justice”, he expressed.

11:39 The word of Fernando’s godfather

During a quarter intermission in the Dolores courtroom, the godfather of Fernando Báez Sosa, who arrived from Paraguay, spoke.

In statements to the press CO+Inocencio Sosa assured: “We do not want revenge, we want them not to walk among society again”.

One day of the anniversary of the young man’s death, the man expressed that “It is not easy to arrive in Argentina after three years with empty bags without gifts for Fernando”. For this very reason, He asked for an “exemplary” sentence so that a situation like this does not happen again. In the same way, he reiterated that the family “does not hold hatred” “or a grudge.”

10:46 The word of an expert

After Pertossi’s testimony, he began to give statements about the computer tests they carried out on the cell phones of the aggressors. The specialist Pablo Alberto Rodríguez Romeo, quoted by the defense, assured: “Messages deleted after the raid are displayed”.

In this regard, he stated that “some phones have post-break-in access”, which would call into question the validity of the test. “The operations that were carried out did not follow any protocol that we have in Argentinafrom the kidnapping, the chain of custody and the lack of precision of the applied methodology”, he added.

Furthermore, he said: “There is also no initial document where the existence of cell phone chips and memory cards is clarified.”. All this “made noise” from the expertise.

The psychological profile of Máximo Thomsen, the rugbier who is close to the tests

10:00 Ciro Pertossi spoke, another of the complicated rugbiers

As Máximo Thomsen did the previous day, Ciro Pertossi broke the silence and gave a statement in the courtroom. In that sense, surely the “stopped the kick” and stated: “Don’t hit Fernando“.

That kick. I would like to clarify that when I see the boy and I realize that he was on the floor, I stopped the kickPertossi said. He then referred to the WhatsApp chats in which he demanded: “No one is told anything”.

In this way, he recalled: “When I was looking at the phone and what the boys were talking about… They said that there were already people in Zárate who knew we hadn’t fought, and I didn’t want my parents to find out”.

Similarly, Pertossi did not answer some questions from the prosecutor like when he was asked at what point in the attack he tried to “stop” the kick and how Fernando fell to the ground. In this way, Pertossi became the third rugby player to testify.

09:00 The other people who will testify today

Andrés Santiago Martín, sub-assistant officer who intervened in the transcription of an audio of the effective Maximiliano Rosso Suárez, who assisted Fernando after the attack at the exit of the dance hall, will also give a statement.

In turn, Pablo Alberto Rodríguez Romeo, a computer expert who made technical reports on digital evidence, and María del Carmen Badaloni, head of the psychology section of the La Plata Expert Advisory, are summoned.

The Pertossi file: criminal records in the family of three of those accused of the Báez Sosa crime

The last witness for this hearing is Agustín Costa Shaw, a clinical psychologist who took part in the supplementary criminal investigation and who was offered in March 2022 by the defense in charge of the lawyer Hugo Tomei as a witness in a psychological and psychiatric expertise to which Finally, the rugbiers did not agree to submit due to a lack of “confidence” in the judicial process.

The refusal of the defendants to carry out the expert opinion unleashed a counterpoint between Tomei on Monday and the complaint by Fernando Burlando, which questioned the value of Shaw’s testimony.

08:30 Máximo Thomsen, the most important thing about the previous hearing

“I want to apologize”said Máximo Thomsen, the most complicated defendant in the trial for the death of Fernando Báez Sosawhen requesting to give a statement before the court that judges him along with his seven friends for the crime, which occurred in Villa Gesell in the summer of 2020.

“I want to apologize because never in my life would I have thought of killing someone”Thomsen argued in court. “Never in my life have I heard so many things about myself like several days, years ago.”

And he continued: “They spoke so hatefully of me that it hurt me a lot because I never had that intention. I want to apologize, because it is something I had never looked for. It hurts me to know that I was in that place, but I never had that intention “.

Thomsen then recounted his version of that night. “One of the boys liked the artist who was playing in the briquethat’s why we went”said the defendant, who also stated that on January 18, 2020, “when it got dark they were already half sucked.”

“I was the first to enter and we went directly to the bar to change the drink that came with the entry,” he recalled. “We got to the bar and when we got there we stayed there. I was there drinking with one of the guys and we were meeting a girl, who we were arranging to do a preview with her the next day.”

“There were so many people that your glass would tip over. I got up against the bar and covered my friend and the girl,” he said. “Suddenly I hear someone tell me stop pushing, and someone answers me we’re all in the same position, we can’t move. I say that it’s okay and when I finish saying that, a friend touches my back and I see that I had a bump.”

With “shame” and “pain”, Guarino identified Thomsen and Luciano Pertossi at the crime scene

Suddenly a security was picking it up, and I ask him to leave it, and the security tells me to leave too. I wonder why they took me out if I did nothing, “he added and continued his story: “I went down the hall and felt like two pineapples hit me in the ribs,” he excluded.

He continued in his: “A friend began to tell me to stay still because I was drunk. Outside, I went to where the boys were sitting and while I was walking, I looked to the right and saw that one of my friends you were on the subway in a circle of unknown people”.

“When I see that I said ‘they are going to fight’ and as soon as I get in to get it out, they hit me in the face with a pineapple. So I reacted by kicking, but never in my life did I do it with the intention of killing someone,” he said.

“They say that I organized, that I am the leader, and I got into the fight because I was one person against many”confessed.

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