Báez Sosa case: Tomei reproduced a video with “unfiltered” insults from Burlando towards the defendants

lawyer Hugo Tomeilegal representative of the defendants in the Trial for the crime of Fernando Báez Sosaused in his defense strategy a controversial video that he reproduced statements “without filter”, insults and inappropriate by Fernando Burlando towards the rugby players. While the images were projected, the lawyer representing the Báez Sosa family expressed in a defiant tone: “Turn it up, turn it up!” It is the same material as blas cinalli asked to project when he exposed his statement.

In the video, a succession of insults pronounced by Burlando towards the defendants is heard, whom they defined as “murderers”, “cowards”, “cagones”, “sons of bitches”, “conchudos” and “people who deserve to die in jail “, among other expressions.

“Turn it up, turn it up!” replied the media lawyer who represents Silvino Báez and Graciela Sosa for the murder of his son at the exit of a nightclub in villa gesell.

Hugo Tomei referred to the supposed social ‘stigmatization’ of rugby players

Representative of eight convicted by the power of the media, society and public opinion and it is very difficult, because it is a way of putting pressure on the judiciary”, Tomei specified at the beginning of the allegations.

Next, he referred to the supposed “media condemnation” that falls on his defendants, due to the “hours and hours of programs only to say one thing: that they were murderers and that they deserve no mercy”.

Hugo Tomei. PHOTOS: Telam

“I heard: ‘Let justice be done’. Let’s start to define Justice. If justice is perpetual… the President of the Nation He surprised us with a little sign that said: ‘Justice for Fernando’. And if later there are other little signs that say: ‘Justice is perpetual’, the President of the Nation, a professor of Criminal Law at the UBA, is asking for perpetual imprisonment,” argued the defense attorney for the rugby players.

“I can quote, if the media have not lied, at Potato who also had intervention, well-known personalities, public, all in favor of one side and condemning the other, not in a neutral positionNot even waiting for the juries to decide, but it was a constant hurting and hurting, ”Tomei asked.

Hugo Tomei 20230127

“That had the effect of this video that I am going to show now, which interests me a lot because it is the culmination”he added when he began to project the video in front of the Court of Dolores.

After the video, Hugo Tomei expressed: “This hurts (…) It hurts infinitely. It hurts, because he is a recognized professional, one of the best, and what he achieves with that is that they have been locked up for 21 hours a day for three years, in tiny cells… Not to mention that he has also said for the means that he had communicated with his friend the Minister of Justice (Julio) Alak so that the conditions were not good”.

“So the attacks on this defense are coming from all sides. We do not know where to defend ourselves, because it is not about serving a prison sentence in dignified conditions, which is worth it, but it is torture, inhuman, cruel and degrading treatment, constantly“concluded the lawyer.


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