Báez Sosa case: what is the life of the two dismissed rugby players

Hay two rugby players who traveled to villa gesell with the group of eight accused of the murder Delaware Fernando Baez Sosa in 2020 at the exit of the bowling alley le brique, that they were detained for 12 days and then they were dismissed, when it was shown that they did not participate in the crime.

they son alejo milanesi Y Juan Pedro Guarinowho must now testify as witnesses before the Oral Criminal Court (TOC) No. 1 of Dolores, which on Monday began the trial against maximum thomsen, Enzo Comelli, matias benicelli, ayrton violaz, blas cinalli, Luciano, Luke Y Cyrus Pertossi, the eight young rugby players who beat Báez Sosa, also 18, to death in the seaside resort.

What role did each defendant play in the murder of Fernando Báez Sosa? The family lawyer theory

No witness could identify Milanesi or Guarino at the scene of the crime, so after spending 12 days in custody, the Justice released them.

What is the life of Alejo Milanesi and Juan Pedro Guarino

Milanese It was the one that most apparently made his resounding change in life. He moved to another neighborhood in Zárate in order to leave behind all the memories of his house and change his life. Until now, He always kept away from the cameras and with little social life.

A similar path is guarino regarding social life and seeking to maintain a low profile. However, he has the same partner he was with ever since, and began studying psychology since he was released.

The Pertossi file: criminal records in the family of three of those accused of the Báez Sosa crime

The trial of the eight detainees

The eight detainees are accused for the crime of “hhomicide doubly aggravated by treachery and by the premeditated collaboration of two or more people”, a crime that provides for life imprisonment. Also for “minor injuries” suffered by friends of the fatal victim, who were with him the morning of the crime.

Sources close to the cause indicated to telam que The intention of the defense is that the defendants do not give a statement at the start of the trialand the possibility that they do so will later be evaluated once the witness list, which includes 177 people, has been exhausted.

Fernando Báez Sosa and his girlfriend Julieta Rossi

Leaders of the Zárate Rugby club: “It was an accident and the sentence must be from the court, not from society”

During the trial, the criminal responsibilities of each of the eight defendants. The trial prosecutor will be Juan Manuel Davilathe representatives of the victim son fernando mocking Y Fabian Amendola, while the defense will be in charge of Hugo Tomei.


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