Báez Sosa: from simple to life homicide, what can be expected

The judicial columnist, Ariel Stemphelet, recorded is Fontevecchia modefor net tv Y RadioProfile (FM 101.9), that on January 31 the judgment of the Court is scheduled to take place. How could the case be resolved? Fernando Baez Sosa And what would happen to the accused rugby players.

This Wednesday, January 25, the arguments begin, but it is worth noting that when they start, the judges usually have the judgment. Starting at 9 in the morning, the Prosecutor’s Office will start the accusation. There is a lot of secrecy regarding the sentence that is going to be requested.

On the same day, the team fernando mocking is going to expose and, due to how the accusation will develop, they are going to go for the request for life imprisonment maintaining that there was a plan to kill Fernando.

Báez Sosa case: who are the judges who will give the verdict and why are there specialists who rule out life sentences

Thursday is the defense’s turn, with Hugo Tomei in front. There is speculation about the request for dismissal of ayrton violaz which, within the testimonial map, was the least marked, although it was located at the crime scene.

The sentences that would be requested

The family lawyers Baez Sosa They installed from the beginning the request for life imprisonment with almost no possibility of another type of sentence.

Many criminal lawyers agree on the figure of simple homicide, which can have a sentence ranging from 8 to 25 years. But since rugbiers don’t have a record, it’s difficult to apply the maximum penalty.

Who are the judges of the Oral Court?

maria claudia castro, 54, took office in 2013 and is the president of the Tribunal. She participated in the Cabezas case, initially as Judge Macchi’s secretary and later as a prosecutor.

Báez Sosa crime: who is Ayrton Viollaz and why could they ask for his acquittal

Christian RabayaHe is the vice president. He is the newest of the three since he made a career in the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Another of those who will decide the fate of the eight defendants is Emiliano Lazzari, Member of the Court. He took office in 2018, he is not a permanent judge and is part of the magistrates of the Buenos Aires Supreme Court who rotate in different courts depending on the vacancies that arise.


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