Báez Sosa: third week of the trial begins with testimonies from dismissed rugby players

Tomorrow, Monday, January 16, Alejo Milanesi and Juan Pedro Guarino will testifythe two dismissed rugby players, within the framework of the Trial for the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa. Both will be defense witnesses in the process that sits their eight friends in the accused’s dock.

Both Guarino and Milanesi They were part of the group that traveled to Villa Gesell and at that moment they were vacationing with those who perpetrated the brutal attack. Although at first they were also detained, they were dismissed for lack of evidence.

Guarino and Milanesi were part of the group that traveled to Villa Gesell in January 2020 and carried out the attack against Fernando Báez Sosa.

This Monday, the two young people will be forced to tell what they saw and heard on January 18, 2020 in front of the Oral Criminal Court 1 of Dolores. They are considered key witnesses in the trial for the beating that ended the life of the young law student almost three years ago.

However, although both are witnesses for the defense of the rugby players, when declaring they must also answer the questions of the individual victim, in this case the Prosecutor Juan Manuel Davila and the team of lawyers representing the Báez Sosa family, headed by fernando mocking.

Milanesi and Guarino’s statement is expected to be one of the longest in this process that began on January 2 and is now in its third week of hearings.

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Both shared the house that the group of rugby players rented that summer in Villa Gesell and even the investigation placed Milanesi close to the defendants at the moment in which they attacked Fernando Báez Sosa at the door of the bowling alley the briqueTherefore, it is expected that his statements will be of great importance.

As already said, the two young people were separated from the cause since no elements were found that involved them in the attackTherefore, they can now freely declare that they cannot be investigated twice for the same act.

In any case, you must submit to telling the truth even if it compromises your friends, since if they lie or omit information they risk incurring false testimony and be arrested for it.

Trial by Fernando Báez Sosa: who testifies on Monday, January 16

In addition to the declarations of Guarino and Milanesi, for the day of this Monday the declaration of Thomas Colazzoa friend of the defendants who was not investigated despite having been present in the immediate vicinity of the scene of the attack.

Also, if time permits, they will later declare Rosalia Zarate Y Maria Paula Cinallimothers of Máximo Thomsen and Blas Cinalli, respectively.

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Subsequently, on Tuesday, January 17, the fathers and mothers of the accused will continue to testify, while on Wednesday they will give testimony from some doctors. On this last day, the Court expects to finalize the testimonial evidence and set the pleadings date for next weekmoment in which the individual victim and the defense made their presentations.

It is expected that Court 1 of Dolores of its verdict on the 31st of this month.


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