Barrio Parque, the sensation team

With a streak of 10 consecutive victories, the sensation team of the Argentine Basketball League is Barrio Parque, the undisputed leader of the northern conference. Led by Gustavo Peirone, it is first in the table with 54 units, the product of 25 wins and four losses. With this record, the Cordoba team secured a place among the top three in the area to play the quarterfinals, with three games to go, since they are four games ahead of Gepu from San Luis, the fourth-ranked.
The triumphant streak of the ‘greens of the south’ includes 10 consecutive victories and the expectation is set at the end of the qualifying phase, since they will play three games at home. The first of them will be tonight, when they face Independiente de Santiago del Estero, at the ‘Teatro del Parque’.

Regarding the moment of the team, Tomás Ligorria, Barrio Parque power forward, told PROFILE CÓRDOBA that “reaching 10 consecutive victories is a nice achievement, but we go game by game, because none of them are easy and they all make us super focused . In this league anyone beats anyone. Therefore, if you relax, you probably lose. You have to follow this path and reach as high as possible”.

Qualities. Ligorria expressed that the team is very committed to this moment and affirmed: “The greatest virtue is the union as a group and the ability to work day by day. We form a great family, in which we all seek the same goal without putting aside friendship and seriousness, leaving everything in each practice. And that is transmitted on the field. For example, in two games we were down 20 points and together we knew how to win: that speaks of the team chemistry we manage”.

Along the same lines, shooting guard Federico Pedano highlighted that “the best thing about the team’s present is unity as a group and not being selfish. We are a very generous team on the field, which we make noticeable at key moments”.

In addition, the scorer of the last game in Barrio Parque, when they beat Tucumán Básquet 86-69, said: “We don’t think we are the sensation team, we work hard every day with the aim of improving and polishing details, because we know that all the teams are very tough and are almost always defined by details”.

Leadership. Under the leadership of Gustavo Peirone, Barrio Parque obtained 72 percent of the points in the 2021/22 season and qualified for the finals of the Northern Conference, in which they were eliminated by Independiente de Oliva, who ended up ascending to the League National, where he fulfills an outstanding task. Now he’s going for revenge.

The DT, a native of Oncativo, arrived at the ‘green of the south’ in August 2021, in what is his fourth cycle at the institution. He previously directed the inferiors (1996), leagues C and B, Liga Cordobesa (2001) and Federal (2007/08).

Within this framework, Ligorria highlighted: “Peirone is very important because he is the one who guides and advises us every day. It is more or as important as each one of us who are on the field and in turn gives us a lot of confidence game by game, added to the fact that in each practice it becomes very bearable and makes you want to always go to train due to the weather that is genders”.

  • waiting for the playoffs
  • The regular phase of the Argentine League enters its final stretch. There are only three weeks of competition left for the start of the playoffs and Barrio Parque is already classified, like Ameghino from Villa María and San Isidro from San Francisco, second and third, respectively, in the North Conference table. It is worth remembering that the tournament is divided into the Northern Conference and the Southern Conference, each with 17 teams. Each Conference will develop its playoffs independently of the other. The teams from the North and the South will just meet in the National Final for promotion. The teams that finish the regular stage among the top four in each conference will directly access the quarterfinals, preventing the reclassification process and those will have the place in the first round of the playoffs. The quarterfinals will be the best of five games, scheduled to be played between April 17 and 28.

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