Battaglia pointed against the Boca Football Council for the departure of Agustín Rossi

The output of Augustine Rossi more critics on some fronts, who disagree with the decision made by the Xeneize leadership. For now, the goalkeeper is concentrating on Mouth in the preview of the International Super Cup but his continuity in the team is a rather uncertain matter.

Taking this situation into account, Sebastián Battaglia pointed out to the Football Council for this determination. “These are situations that have to be handled by those who currently manage the club. They are personal decisions of the player. It is necessary to see if he convinces what the club offers him”, said in statements delivered to DSports Radio.

On the other hand, the coach analyzed his time at Boca and added: “The balance in Boca was positive, beyond me of everything we had to go through. I am very calm in how I worked. We came on the rise but we all know the story. There’s no need to talk about it again.” pointed out.

Finally, the coach spoke about his future and acknowledged that he is “open to any possibility and project that may interest you”, pointed.