Because of the title of the Argentine National Team and Messi’s letter, the rules could be changed in the trick

The history of Lionel Messi could forever change the most important card game in our country. From the anecdote of 10 with the 5 of cups and the title of the Argentine National Team in the World Cup in Qatar, the Argentine Association of Trick (ASART) received a curious proposal.

The only Civil Association formed that governs the discipline and that created the National Trick League (LNT) so that more people and clubs join the traditional card game in Argentina. One of the 60 clubs that participated in the first edition of the league, in 2022, launched the proposal to modify the values ​​of the cards.

“What the National Team will end up with was historic from every point of view, that’s why we think why it can’t generate another historic change in a discipline like the trick that is so important to Argentines and accompanies us in every happy moment we share”express Santiago Passeggioclub president Sarandi Fields,


The plan is for the 5 of Cups to be the card with the highest value, that is, to be positioned above the width of spades. This would totally change the regulation, since that letter is located, along with the other three “five” just ahead of the 4.

“We acknowledge receipt and, as before each of the queries or opinions we receive from our partners, companies and participants of the National Truco League, we will submit it for debate with the rest of the Board of Directors. What happened in Qatar mobilized all of us Argentines and what the National Team followed could be seen in that massive reception in Buenos Aires and every corner of the country where the members of the squad were.”told the president of ASART, Jose Beto Viciconti.

The anecdote of the 5 of Cups, Messi and the Copa América

The anecdote that motivated this proposal was created during the conquest of the America Cup, when as in so many free times in the concentration, the players of the selection headed by Alexander gomez Y rodrigo de paul They came to play with Spanish cards: it wasn’t a trick match, but it was guessing the next card that would appear turned upside down.

“If I guess one out of ten, we win the Cup”I swear the Papuan. Then he continued playing and guessing, Ángel Di María and Nicolás Otamendi, until Messi’s turn came and he got the 5 of Cups.