Before joining GH, Romina worked for the Kicillof government

Romina Uhrigthe reality show participant Big Brother, received his last salary in the public administration in September 2022, a month before the program in which he continues to participate today began. As far as she could know PROFILEback then were $247,900as temporary staff of the Institute of Social Welfare of the province of Buenos Aires.

None was appointed in March of last year and her contract did not include a license, so she was discharged in October, when she entered the famous house. If Uhrig had continued in that position, today I would be charging $290 thousand pesosthat emerge from the 2125 modules that were charged by contract, taking into account that currently each module is $136.93.

Big Brother: this is how Romina Uhrig swore as deputy

Romina Uhrig in the Chamber of Deputies.

Romina Uhrig’s history in politics

However, it was not her only step in politics, nor was she her only link: it is that the participant considered the “mom” of the GH house because of her responsibility in the tasks and that she is effectively the mother of three daughters, she was also the ex-wife of the then mayor of Moreno, Walter Festawhere she is from.

Uhrig was National deputy for the Frente de Todos between 2019 and 2021. The 34-year-old participant entered the house with the aim of winning the house and giving her daughters a roof, something that sparked controversy between former participants and the general public of the program, when she found out about her past in politics.

Who is Romina Uhrig, the former national deputy who entered Big Brother

A GH participant said that Romina Uhrig is a “millionaire” and a “liar”

Romina is the queen of lies. I was surprised today that she is a millionaire and she is not there for the daughters in the end”, were the words of “Coti”, eliminated participant.

This foundation was denied by the ex-deputy’s nephew. “She is not a millionaire either, nor did she victimize herself as poor,” he said Fabian Herrera on their social networks.

Romina is no longer in a relationship with Festa, but to have a reference, the current mayor of Moreno, Mariel Fernandezreceives a salary above 800 thousand pesos, since according to an investigation of PROFILE the municipal head charges the corresponding to 16 minimum wages by regulation, like the previous management.

“It should be noted that she has been separated for more than six months, the separation brought her a lot of economic instability, a lot to face life alone again, but this time with three girls,” explained Herrera.

They would accuse the ex-husband of Romina from Big Brother, Walter Festa, of financially harassing her

Along the same lines, highlight that prior to entering Big BrotherRomina did not receive financial help to cover her expenses and those of her three daughters, which is why she dedicated herself to doing nail work in the house she rented. “If she is such a millionaire, she would not have had the need to do that”He questioned the young man while he stated that the rental contract in the house they lived in ended in December and that he did not have the money to renew it or move.

After this story, Fabián insisted on emphasizing that his aunt is not a millionaire, but “of very humble origins, as is the whole family”, but entering the reality It was punctually so that her housing situation would change and that she would not have to depend on another person to provide a “beautiful” life for her daughters.

“And I clarify, this cause that is going around, does not fall on her, but I invite you to learn to read legal writings. Romina is not doing politics as some characters are saying. Those characters are doing cheap politicking. Here Romi is judged for her game and not for politics, ”she concluded.


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