Belgrano paid dearly for defensive errors

Belgrano had a virtue: his defensive strength. But that quality was not in Mendoza, he failed and lost in his visit to Godoy Cruz. “The defensive inattentions cost us dearly. Our distractions gave us this result. We looked for a tie, but it didn’t reach us. We are hurt because we were very weak on the defensive side,” the ‘Pirata’ goalkeeper analyzed at the end of the 3-1 defeat ‘, Nahuel Losada. Honest, without cassette, describing what everyone saw. It is said that identifying the problem is the first step to find a solution, and ‘B’ needs to recover as he walks through the Professional League.

It started with all the ‘Pirate’. In the first minutes there was unusual offensive vertigo. There were two plays where Pablo Vegetti was the protagonist. The stick, the local goalkeeper, the lack of effectiveness and a bit of bad luck took away that possibility of starting winning. It was ten minutes. Then Belgrano fell behind, as he usually does, and attacked little.

On top of that, at minute 27, an unusual play occurred in the Belgrano area. One of those to grab your head. What happened? Salomón Rodríguez pressed against an attempt to reject from the two central markers and accidentally Godoy Cruz opened the scoring. A series of misfortunes played a trick on the Celeste defense… and paid dearly for it.

Belgrano had defensive misunderstandings, especially on the left side. While in midfield, Longo stood out, but Rojas did not appear. And that was noticeable when it came to degenerating the game, because ‘Caco’ García was looking for partners and became entangled in the search. Those defensive shortcomings reappeared time and time again. And at 36′, coming off a corner kick, Gonzalo Abrego with a spectacular header broke Nahuel Losada’s red card. The ‘Tomba’ went 2-0 and everything for Belgrano was too uphill in the Argentine Malvinas.

The night looked very complicated for the Celestes on Mendoza soil, but Ulises Sánchez at 46 minutes, discounted, after a great assist from Vegetti. The psychological goal. A discount you need, minutes before the end of the stage. The game was not a waste of virtues, but it was entertaining.

Bruno Zapelli cannot be missing from this team. He has proven it time and time again. In Mendoza it was not the expectation. His entry into the complement changed the face of Farré’s. But he did not reach.

It was the same as at the beginning of the game. It started looking to be offensive, looking for equality, with Zapelli playing, being a solution, looking for partnerships. He elaborated. But it was the first few minutes, then again, it faded away.

Then, after 30 minutes, a withering counterattack from ‘Tomba’ arrived. Recovery of Godoy Cruz, lazy to recover from Belgrano, the Uruguayan Larrosa pushed her, and settled the game.

Belgrano was not well where he was, in defense. He received three goals and there could have been some more. They’ve only had one win in their last five games and it’s a huge wake-up call. It did not work in Mendoza and, by date 8 of the Professional League, he was defeated. To improve… there is much to improve.

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