Believe or burst: they “blessed” the Colón field and the team ended the losing streak by winning at La Bombonera

Colón de Santa Fe had one of the worst starts to the championship in its history, in nine dates he had garnered 6 draws, 3 defeats and was last in the table. But the break occurred on date 10, where finally change add by three.

Pipo Gorosito’s team won agonizingly 2-1 against Boca at La Bombonerawhere he had not won since the 2005 Opening Tournament. The game had special seasonings from the beginning, since there were barely 48 seconds left in the game when ramon Wanchope ábila He opened the scoring with a great finish and immediately apologized for his past xeneize.

In addition, without the visit being superior, it was very difficult for Boca to find a way around the game, but a kick from Oscar Romero plus the deviation of facundo garces that prevented Ignacio Chicco I saved that ball, it gave the local hope back.

However, the three points are destined for Santa Fe. That’s how it was after exactly 90 minutes, andres teuten received only on the left side and He took a crossed shot to establish the 2 to 1 definitive in favor of Columbus.

In the previous one, with the negative streak that Sabalero was dragging, getting a good result from La Bombonera was going to be a miracle, especially considering that since that victory led by Iván Moreno and Fabianesi in 2005, that Colón had not I won there. In these cases, as is usual in Argentine soccer, the fans are believers or not, they appeal to anything that serves to “help” the team: cabals, prayers, esoteric practices, etc.

that was what they did two young societies of colonthat last Thursday they entered the Brigadier Lopez, they filmed themselves “blessing” the place and their video went viral.

“We went to see the Reserve with my friend Meli and when the game ended we saw that there were people entering the field to take photos. We went in, we took a couple of photos and we began to walk around the field and just when I was recording, we said: ‘And if we pray? Let’s see if we cut the bad streak’. That’s where the video was born that we never thought was going to go viral,” he tells 442, diana ortizone of the protagonists of the clip.

“Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name, come to us the goals. His will be done on earth as it is in heaven, Give us today our plus three of each party”the sabaleras prayed as they toured the playing field.

Daiana confessed that during the match against Boca she was thinking all the time that they were finally going to meet again with victory: “With Colón you never know what can happen, and before the game I get messages from friends telling me that after the “blessing” we did it was the day, that we were going to get our first win of the year and we were going to cut the losing streak, so I spent the whole day with that in mind. I think I shouted the goals more than Aliendro’s in the final with Racing, we needed the win to get out of the bottom of the table“.

“I don’t know how much what we did had to do or not, but God caught us and it was a resurrection Sunday”sentenced the black sympathizer, adding: “Columbus in my life is everything, it’s my family, my friends. As my friends from ‘La PCB’ say, a lifestyle, I’ve lived my life like Columbus since I was little and there’s nothing make me happier.”

It is clear that Colón made the football merits to reverse this situation and that since Pipo Gorosito was in charge of the squad, Sabalero did not lose again and paved the way for victory to come as soon as possible. But in football, as in life, there are always reasons to believe in something else.