Boca lost in the Copa Libertadores

This Wednesday, Mouth lost 1 to 0 during his visit to Colombia, against Pereira, for the Libertadores Cup. Almirón’s team had a football setback, according to what Román Iucht appeared in Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

Definitely, during his stay in Colombia, Mouth not shown, footballingly, no attribute. And that he faced a very discreet rival, who in another context, with another strength, he probably could have overcome with his solvency and the hierarchy of individualities.

There is an interesting detail that I find, to say the least, curious. Boca played with this same team at the start of the Almirón cycle and, after that goal by Advíncula in the 90th minute ratified by Alan Varela’s header in the 97th minute, was the starting point for a recovery that, so far, seems volatile.

Boca missed three points after their 1-0 defeat against Pereira

around the story, Mouth exactly facing the same rival but with opposite resolved. Almirón dismantles a couple of positional details that had given him good results, such as playing with Advíncula as a forward or as a forward midfielder on the right, a kind of eight seven. Yesterday he put it on the side again.

The team also failed miserably in attack. Another isolated party of Dario Benedetto. town He is not the one who at some other time destroyed the rival defenses. and the inclusion of Norberto Briasco it also did not give the mouth vitamin in attack. In the middle of the court, lazy Varela, without participating in the game too much pol fernandez. For his part, payero He is still the coach’s fetish player, but this time he did not have a very lucid game either.

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Pereyra’s goal is a portrait of this unreliable Boca. It comes a minute after “Chiquito” Romero saved a penalty. A shot from the left wing in a crossed cross into the area, no Boca player prevents the shooter from putting the ball in the heart of the area, and then there is a lack of attention, a lack of defensive buffers between Nahuel Valentinithat is free without marking anyone, and fabrawho marks who finally heads, but loses it when the Colombian player attacks the ball surprising “Little” Romero.

In this lack of confidence and predictability, Boca struggles, even when, in some games, it had shown signs of progress.

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Mathematically, defeat doesn’t move the ammeter much. Boca continues to be the leader of his group. If they beat Colo Colo, and especially Monagas de Venezuela, the two home games, they will win their group, and probably, it will be candidate from the round of 16.

We talk about something else. From the concept, from the substance, from what Boca, as a collective team, can start to work.

Mouth and the opportunity to qualify for the round of 16, what results do you have to realize?

Jorge Almirón, after the game, did a little analysis of what the xeneize setback was.

“There were a lot of one-on-ones in attack every time we left the midfield, with a pass, after recovering, in which we were left very badly unemployed. We did not take advantage of that, ”said the coach.

“In the second half we were controlling the game, the rival did not create any dangerous situation for us.. We had enough control of the plays, and even with a play in favor in which, once again, we were ahead, but it could not end well. In a long pass, counter-attack, the penalty is well saved by our goalkeeper, and then, well, the quick goal”, added Almirón.

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And he concluded: “In the end, they throw themselves back and we didn’t have time to tie the game. This is going to leave us a lot to teach, surely”.

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In the Paternal, the group of Gaby Milito tied zero to zero. He was close to achieving victory, although somewhat decimated in performance from some names that were fundamental.

What results does River need to qualify for the Copa Libertadores round of 16?

Lucas Villalba, key in defense, gabriel avalos, fundamental in attack, and Federico Redondo. One per line, but very core, these absences.

Even so, El Bicho played well, he was close to winning the game, and if he wins against Liverpool from Uruguay, Argentinos will too will have qualified for the next round of the Cup.


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