Boca played “against the mirror” and could not beat him in San Juan: 0-0 with Everton from Chile

The curious circumstance that Everton de Chile will play with the same colors as Boca Juniors It was the highlight of the friendly that the two teams drew goalless this Friday in San Juan. The result already shows the flatness of the clash between the Argentine champion and the trans-Andean “blue and gold” visitor, a duel in which Boca dominated, but without efficiency, leaving an image that shows him still far from being in shape.

The positive note for the xeneizes was the debut in the first half, finally, of Sergio ‘Chiquito’ Romero, who returned to save after a long time, checked by injuries but always with the memory of that great 2014 World Cup, where It was about to go down in history for that last loss to Germany.

They didn’t demand too much of him, just in a couple of shipments, but he responded well, he obviously lacked rhythm, but he did a sober job, leaving the place in the second half to Leandro Brey, according to the rotation that had already I anticipate Hugo Ibarra so that the two goalkeepers add minutes.

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