Boca rejected Flamengo’s offer to take Agustín Rossi now

Closed the agreement so that Augustine Rossi becomes new flamengo playerthe Brazilian club went for more in the last hours and He presented a formal offer to Boca to take him away now.

While it is a fact that the 27-year-old goalkeeper will join the staff of Mengao in Junewhen your contract with Xeneize ends, the intention of the carioca team is to do it at this time.

Since last Friday, the Fla have been trying to communicate with Juan Román Riquelme and company to negotiate an immediate exit, and recently this resulted in a concrete proposal of 300 thousand dollars.

Nevertheless, the mouth response was negative. Despite the fact that in this way the club could have compensation for Rossi’s departure, the Football Council decided to decline Flamengo’s offer, considering it insufficient.

In this sense, unless the Brazilian team stretches in numbers, everything seems to indicate that the goalkeeper will continue training at Xeneize until June and only then will he travel to Brazil to become the stellar reinforcement of the Brazilian giant.

In this situation, Hugo Ibarra will have to decide what place to give him in the professional squad in these handful of months. For now, Leandro Brey and Sergio Romero will save in the next friendly with Everton from Chile and, with a view to the International Super Cup in Abu Dhabi, there is the question of Chiquito or Javier García.

All roads lead to you Agustín Rossi will not wear the blue and gold diver again.