Boca rushes to hire a striker before the start of the tournament

The defeat in the International Super Cup Left behind and a few days after the debut in the Professional League, the leadership of mouth Juniors is preparing to specify the arrival of new reinforcements after its reduced participation in the current transfer market. Considering this situation, from the Football Council they are very interested in reaching an agreement with the Colombian striker Roger Martínez.

The former Racing has not yet defined his future in the ranks of América de México and the purpose of Blue and Gold is to make an offer to the footballer to be able to anticipate his arrival and have him in his possession for the tournament that will begin in the next few days.

The coffee grower has already given his word to the coach Fernando Ortiz and assured him that he will end his relationship with the team until the middle of the year, but from Argentine soil he will strive to add him immediately, since he is one of the footballers he longs for, Juan Roman Riquelme.

We will have to wait for what happens with this transfer because the foreigner has expressed his desire to continue his professional career in Europe. For now, key days are awaited for the possible arrival of a player who, without a doubt, could give him a hand at the front of the attack against the challenges that he will have to attend to in 2023.